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But i. I really like that horn idea was the horn idea to when the barbarians are aware attacking to blow horn. That's literally the idea what the burying nevermind khloe haven't talk. What are we going to have the barbarians attack me. What we're going to ask them could be fun. I don't know being. Are we going to kick their ass or ask them for help. Electro says i will happily kick their ass. I don't remember what i just don't know how much we can control the barbarians. We don't need them to do their own thing. And this seems like a very coordinated effort. We talk about this. We did we kind of i- offhandedly talked about maybe getting the barbarians evolved off towards the fighters skilled her own electro. Thank you for. Solve a net on and she walks to the fighters guild door and goes to open it and it opens pretty easily. There is a greeter there who doesn't greet her or anybody else at followed her you especially because they don't know you are. They don't notice you they don't see you. And there are two fighters that look familiar to go with lecco. Yeah yes it looked familiar to you there little burnt and scarred Live them aren't with that party because two of them were burnt up pretty badly and are probably at the infirmary but the fighters guild leader is there. She's sitting at a table Just having some beer that they not have like any healing potions does not help you in that situation not with hellfire. No hoof are bad. And she's just talking with other fighter guild members drinking some ale. She hasn't noticed you guys walked in because elected didn't kick the door open this time. She opened up politely. She's learning that's fair and electro walks rights up to the fighters guild leader and then sits down next to her and she says the you were doing a thing later. We'd like your help. And the fighters guild leader gulps loudly and swallows her aol she wipes her mouth off and she looks over to lecco and she looks she looks at a lecco looking for a whip that she cannot see. She's looking at you and she's like you wrecked four of my men that we're gonna fight and now you want our help. We can help. If that's all it takes a can fix that up. I'm not asking. I'm telling you you're going to help. Or i will burn this place to the ground. And then the fighters guild leader g snaps back like this behind her to the greeting table and then the greeter brings a tray with a cup avail on it and puts it in front of lecco and then the fighters guild leader. Says if you can beat me in drinking this sale then you will have my sword and my shield and alexa says that's pretty weak challenge for a fighter and the fighters guild leader. Says no if you want my help. We're going to do this. And elected looks a you and then fighters go leader. She says what does this. Swill taste like me to drink it. No no what is does taste like is going to make me sick. Looks like aol like you know just to lightly alcoholic beverage. Alcohol i right. It is swill compared to broacha. Well the like a relatively simple challenge while you want to do is open up the back of your throat. There's a lot of foam in an aol and Just kind of let it go down your gullet. If you know how big your insides of your mouth are that have you. Have you had alcohol before electro. No no not mortal alcohol. And you'll probably be fine. We usually drink wine from my father's vineyard. And we don't we don't make any spirits with the wheat or anything like that and then fighters guild leaders starts chuck a little bit because she thinks she's gonna win this because there's a little farm girl here that's never had beer before electoral. You've never had it before. It's probably not gonna taste great but you know problem. Make sick if you're used to wine. Oh okay so this should be easy. Then so electro picks up her mug and she looks at over. She looks over at the fighters guild leader. And she says we go on your mark. And then the fighters gil leader says we will go on the count of three and then a bunch of other fighters gather around the table. Because there's going to be a drinking contest. And then the fighters guild leader goes one. Elective picture glass up to. She puts it up closer to her mouth. And then the fighters go leader says three an electro tilt your head back opens her mouth wide. Her jaw dislocates like a snake. She puts the whole mug in her mouth. And swallows close her mouth and the fighters guild leader. Her mouth goes wide open and she drops her mug and she says what demon spawn to the city. I dunno demon spawn. Just just my good friend. And then electro taking offense to demon spawn slams. Her fist on the table breaks a big chunk off of table couple of fighters backup watching this little farm girl break this table. She eat the mug and the whole fence. He's chrysler often does. She never drank us out. The weighting factor. She's lucky that she didn't just pick her up by her stupid book and head and put her in there ourselves. Hell of a poop later. The fires gills leaders said. That didn't go quite as planned How many of us do you need. And then electro to you and they all bet like you bitch like She says how many were going to be at the heist. And then all of the fighters around now notice you and jump back as you just appeared out of thin air. Go to grab their weapons. An elective says. I wouldn't do that if i were you. And then they ease up a little bit fighters guild leaders still looking at electro in disbelief that she swallowed a whole mug of ale by dislocating. A snake maybe. Don't be such a cocky bitch. I'd like to use harris embrace. I feel like and the apply. Notice anything you don't think you chapel on. I have five stations back door door. There.

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