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They have to pay more. To the premium podcast. And he says, pay for a podcast subscription and Apple podcasts. That distinctly says 60% had paid for a premium episode on Apple podcasts. 75%, this says pay for Spotify premium. That means paid for Spotify. Not paid for a podcast subscription on Spotify. Right. Unless there's a typo here yeah, and in that 60% is, I think that's the number that's more shocking to me. Is that 60% of creators have paid for a premium subscription? Blows me away? I haven't. That's a big that's a big number. That's a big win for Apple. It's a big win for Apple. Pay for podcast description on Patreon. I do this. So, but I think the Spotify number is a little bit of a confusing battle. It is. If it would have said pay for a premium podcast on Spotify. But it would be consistent with the right. And maybe there's a typo here, but you don't get premium podcasts without paying extra on Spotify. Right. So, well, I thought that on Spotify, Spotify premium was an ad free version of it. It is, it is. Yeah, that's my understanding. But it doesn't mean you're getting ad free podcast on Spotify, maybe you're getting Joe Rogan ad free, but you're not getting premium podcast for probably do ad free as if it's not dynamically inserted. So right? Well, people have premium subscriptions to it's just like Apple, you can buy premium on it, it doesn't have any advertising doesn't have host reads, it doesn't have anything in it. I just don't know that Spotify has that filter to filter out host reads. Yeah. So we already know that we need more ladies. We know that we need creators over 45, the huge opportunity to reach that market. There's economic and academic privilege the creation of podcast boy oh boy. So cancer culture going to come after us because we're academically and economically privileged. That's kind of scary. Our underrepresented. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. We know that. They're dying off. Some of the economic and ideological vices of creators show up in the difference between what genres of podcaster popular true crime society and culture and what creators are more prone to consume tech history and science. Right. These are sounds profitable observations. For some creating a podcast is potentially an introduction being a regular podcast listener, period, if ever, every new podcast or only brings what it is a literal handful of new listeners, the spaces in rich. Well that's true. Because we're also bringing a lot of new. Creators as well. Yeah, this is where they say we can never forget that every new creator is a listener needs listeners are extremely receptive to podcasts advertising. I would like to note the distribution of how people enter becoming a podcaster. Is it coming from being a listener or is it not? Is it just coming from it being an opportunity and they may not may or may not be listening to podcasts themselves. Yeah. Well, they did a good job. On this, and it's the first ever, so there was some eye openers in there. I think if I, you know, if they could have heard my explanation because I had a couple of expletives during the presentation, I was like, wow. Knock my head off. Wow. Yeah. But now that we've had a taste, we're going to want more. That's right. Tom, you've got your workout out for you. He's going to say right to check. So yeah, we went and looked and asked for the sponsorship package. It's not cheap. The support that package. Oh my God. And I did see that at podcast movement. It's already in the schedule for the Dallas event that there's going to be a separate Edison research presentation where we're going to be being done down there too. So I guess what we're getting is kind of doubling up on this stuff. So we maybe getting more research than we had prior just with Tom working at Edison between sounds profitable with Edison and Edison themselves. We may be getting double the data. Right. So that was quite the run here. On that data and. Of course, the infinite dial Australia was also released. So that's out there. Any big things out of that? And basically that listening and hit 40% of Australians 18 plus 37%, 2021, the U.S. equipment for 12 plus is 38% down from 41, of course. We had some pandemic contraction. One thing, as a reminder, podcast rewards nominations open on Friday. So if you're not already registered over at podcast wards dot com, make sure that you that you get over there and get registered, we've had obviously just like we always did. We've had a rush here in the last week or so of people registering, let's see if I can push the right button here. There we go. So definitely go over there and get registered. And registration remains open. Through the nomination period. So if you get the word late, don't worry, you can still participate, voting goes on the entire month of July. So we encourage you to go over there and participate. So rob, what do you think of our new screen makeup did we do better here? I think so. I think it was better. I think we created a more immersive experience. Well, good. And you're not in the south 40, like I normally have you, you know, and you can't even see yourself because I've moved the camera a little bit. So the original view, you're kind of chopped. Yes. I can move though. Oh, that's true. Well, when it's this view, I have to move the camera because you can move and wave..

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