Potomac Fuckin- River, George Washington, Three Hundred Years discussed on Mental Illness Happy Hour


To this podcast during my run, a typically run anywhere from five to eight miles, and as long fucking way, it's rare that anyone is out this early on the path with the exception of occasional biker. It's one of the greatest moments that I've been able to consistently experience in years. It also reminds me that I am indeed happy to be alive. Not as dead is. I should have been a year ago. The little things really do play a large role in our lives. I want to be able to create out of one. I want to say that I feel lucky to experience this moment, which I do. But also feel proud than I'm able to rejoice in a moment that I've been able to create out of sheer decision in will. I'm not sure I would have been able to do this year or so ago what a beautiful beautiful moment. And I've got to imagine that you're probably listening to this episode as we speak, which is probably weird. I've heard people mention that they you know, are cleaning the house or you know, at the gym. And they hear their survey rate read in it, and it kind of you know, takes him for a loop. And so if you are in the middle your job right now, and you're listening to this. Thank you for your moment. But stop right now stretch stretch out those calves walk it out. Take in the moment. Look at that river, the Potomac fuckin- river. George Washington crossed that river, bad wig and all wooden teeth. Clack no way probably made out of the cherry trees chop down as a little psycho. Just to just imagine that little disturbed child running around that area just filled with stoic eighteenth century rage in your you are three hundred years later looking at that. Historic body of water. And ironically, probably dehydrated..

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