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The arts big big names in history we love bringing you the small stories too because in our mind they're all important they're all relevant sometimes a small one speak to was better than the big ones do we bring you this show by the way from a small town in Mississippi called Oxford home of all miss well we talk to people of all kinds from all over this great country sometimes we like to bring you stories from people in our neck of the woods our little town and so we bring you the story of run wiki the owner of runs music center a small but thriving music store right here in Oxford this is your American and and he holders Oxford Mississippi model town is actually Mississippi actually it was when I was girl in a I went to school there for an extended education output to high school about four in fourteen years so I got a lot of education and actually and look it back we had the greatest teachers we have a great school which turned out some really smart people where I'll I found out in testing in later years that that they even taught me a lot my mom and dad both worked very hard all of my life until I got to the seventy two years old and after that they still did for car but they went from working for the public working for other people to have in their own grocery business this further normal standard of living that he had they worked himself Ronald to community love them they were just such great parents to may I'm sure Iran I'm crazy I have a brother or sister because my granddad had been former sheriff of that county all I had a lot of access to stuff that he had taken off of people during his four years of service he just had a little cigar box full of things like straight razors and locals you know lead vocals and a woman I'm no goals and that sort of thing and and I have always been a you know I used to trade anything school you know and we tried pocket knives and come up with things like cigarette lighters and all that stuff and grab Paul had just kind of turned all that stuff over to me Emma and I was traded off and I got a call traders said of knuckles off one of mine was laid out of bad it late which it was for late it was all lead novels you know it they weren't solved and I were heavy and the other one was really nice cast aluminum and love look it looked Nate I just traded either sold or traded for another knife or something like that but a the janitor that told own lady at the gathered group get boy in no time our principles all the whole war call a lot like he and Tom Akers to the office yeah it was real serious he looked serious and they decided he needed that that one enough he needed to take me home show my dad and my granddad what kind of see as I was committed in both of them already knew about that Mr why took those novels it went through a dramatic spiel with dad and grandpa all he gave those to Dale and took me back to school that night at supper I thought I was really in trouble you know after supper and everybody else should clear the table then re she's talking he said here don't get trouble with them thanks a gate you know you gave him gave him back to the just don't get trouble with the cell okay but you know we didn't find it's good within five after school and it was everybody got along school was fun it was it was cool to have a car there probably weren't there probably were not twelve students that came to work to school in the car I could school because I didn't have a car now when I got a factory job aren't enough to buy cheap car not all cold sol that I needed a car he had a cool little Austin Healey sprite he sold it to me for five hundred dollars that was a lot of money but it was a wonderful bye in a wonderful opportunity so for miles last year in high school I had also maybe sprites who we were it was great to have a car it's still a work twelve cars in school and you were listening to run like the and his story is well it's a story from right here in our little town of Oxford and we'd love to hear your stories too as you can tell we just stay out of the way and we ask if you open questions but you don't hear us in these stories we want to hear from Ron in his life send your stories to our American networked our work and it doesn't have to be yours if it's someone in town you thinks interesting well will.

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