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Discovered this stuff six months ago and and microsoft actors is on a similar pace to they should have everything wrapped up by i think early next week from microsoft but you that time allowed them to work on the solutions to the problems since i was actually pretty important does that primarily relate to melt down the patching or is specter involved in the patching that the cloud services are doing as well there's patches for both it's just that the patch from meltdown people have a lot more confidence in it the patches for specter are more leg defence mechanisms like e it'll make it much harder to exploit systems using that particular technique but it it doesn't rule it out whereas meltdown appears to rule it out the patch for meltdown appears to rule it out so you that's in this little this was part of a lot of the confusion that surrounded this too is that you know intel epa has me hill out claims about how you are processors our immune in our our our you know a india's talked about others nino near zero risk to two systems running there they're processors and you know they are conflicting the two bugs in order to make themselves look like not being the only ones that are affected and you know for meltdown that the most important thing to remember about meltdown for anybody is that you should just patch your computers update your software and you will most likely be fine whether you're a you know individual laptop user or somebody responsible for a major data center specter is is going to be a little bit different i think the average computer user has little to worry about with with respect the spectre it's just it's so difficult to employ that it it you know it's not to be used for kind of massconsumer attacks but.

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