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You got to be thinking who you're asking whereas in madrid thing is just being a success you know that people really get involved so there was a to throw between them which is really fascinating the in the end can you always trust the public to do the right thing you mentioned lunch coming up andrew of course i'm sure some people looking forward to that any interesting chatter you're looking forward to this afternoon well we certainly intend to kind of grab a few of the people here who is speaking the softer noon we we also wanted to catch up with martin barrier guy with too many times who runs the organization could recite they're a big promoter of the world of of an his medical john roussin who's you running this event but was was interesting is it as a another really interesting guy who is hit talking about an organization called space hive now this is an open platform that lasts for citizen participation and he was telling us the almost most city governments in the uk have already taken up use of his platform and numerous decis and now being made through it so we talk about is this going to happen without us noticing actually become very embedded in local government throughout the uk and as she throughout the world all right thank you for this andrew were certainly looking forward to hearing more of the czech aways from the crowd sourcing the city event that is monica editor andrew tuck there and that's all for the this edition of the briefing produced by reese james research by yolene fan and megan atkinson our studio manager behind the glass sarah miles today the briefing back tomorrow at the same time join tom edwards for majori house that's live later today eighteen hundred london time thirteen hundred in toronto i'm daniel h goodbye.

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