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Radio dot com mahdi major league baseball pet of racists continuing the cleveland indians winners now of 20 games in a row as ridiculous as that sounds it is reality that's what they've done a lot to get into we bring in our body richard justice calmness with mlb dot com richard a hundred and eighty innings in this twenty game winning streak for the indians they've trailed in only four of those innings the pitchers have allowed thirty two runs in twenty games the lowest total in almost fifty years they stoorikhel context to what they've done time the american league record for winning streak richard you've been around this game a long time streak where does it stand in your mind in terms of streaks we've had well in my lifetime there's never been one don't they i mean i i i had a look at the ninety five cut but they're more dominant in the two thousand two eight were i it look on opening day they were a blow to a complete heated debate aw they really had no we they added michael brantley in edwin encarnacion to early in the world series and what you're seeing now is if he stumbled law by twenty four in their life thirty twogame they're hitting garrity if it they they are an on stewart rodney twenty game it kid jose ramirez the guy pete over ancona last year they are but he carried on okay another thing for it to go into orbit young shortstop he's gonna end up being all out that your splendid i mean the guy so you got in engaging mileage game well it's pretty pretty tired of being a new fare now.

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