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Welcome back to coast to coast George in order with you Carol J. obliquely soul visions LLC has been on the bridge between heaven and earth in more than ten thousand group and individual readings she has been the subject of newspaper articles also has published articles on spiritual and metaphysical subjects and that numerous workshops and lily Dale New York the largest center for spiritualism she has produced audio programs to help folks with spiritual development teaches classes in intuition mediumship and healing she was back with me in September of last year she is a new book coming out called wisdom from the spirit world Carol welcome back hope you're doing okay good evening George thank you all well with you yes yes well that's good and you have this new books coming out when in June the official publication date is I believe it's August thirty first it's currently available for pre order on Amazon but the official publishing date is I think it's the end of August sounds like it's going to be a good one you know what this book is it is it was probably the hardest for me to write because I was going through personal issues at the time so this one was a little bit more difficult personally for me from what I was going through but the information in it is it is amazing and I my intent in writing is always to help people and that's my intent and everything that I do with mediumship and on media appearances and so forth so I think it is going to be a good one it really breaks down what we are to learn from the spirit world there's there's a lot of things focused in medium ship on the evidence that's given from those in spirit and that's fine I do a lot of doubt as well but I think sometimes what gets missed your ge is wrong what are we to do with that information how can it help improve the quality of our life and how can we grow and possibly evolve from one medium ship has to offer especially now I mean I I've never sensed the time were people just need to grasp on the things like this than ever before Carol how about you that is one hundred percent spot on I I think what I want it's not even when I think it's what I feel we collectively are going through a reset a reset at a fundamental level and actually and maybe we'll get into this a little bit later but some of the readings I've been doing for clients recently have reflected that where ancestors are coming through and talking about there are tough times there are times of for example during the Great Depression you know things that they had to overcome challenges in their in their life so it's even being reflected in the readings that I am doing personally you know help from the other side them knowing what we're going through we've got to several books out but the one that comes out in August the wisdom from the spirit world tell us a little bit about that well it's I talk a lot in there there's three sections others spoke a lot about really you know what are we doing here why are we here why do we come that's exactly it when we come to earth and you know when we come to this physical realm where there's there's suffering and there's you know there's pain and there's there's dads and you know all ailments and all this kind of thing and so it really delve into these things called the attache files the famous American psychiatric cases during the nineteen twenties and thirties spoke a lot about that he also called it the book of life each and this is the sum total of one's soul has done from the beginning of time whenever that was truly delved into a lot of that and how we kind of pre planned what we need to experience here and that doesn't invalidate the choice and I also talk about the specific lessons that the other side has to teach us and then in the last section how we can merger personality with her soul to offer unique contribution to the world tell us about your working intuition in your classes without that fascinates me well intuition is something that in every every person to help us it's the voice of the higher self for the soul on there's a lot of things that you can call that is higher awareness and it's coming from this thing that's called the soul which is part of the divine or you know higher sewers so the development of that and incidently George what I've discovered is that the biggest impediment to the in the year seventeen Chang is a lack of trust people do not trust their intuition exactly and they don't act on it then that is correct and then they kicked themselves and say you know I I should have listened to that so it's still it's still small voice within every human being it is sort of a road map and or GPS is saying you know this is the direction that you want to go into is it natural intuition or is it something a little more supernatural I feel it's very natural in my experience of about twenty five years of doing this work I I feel that it is naturally there you know it's there for protection is there for our navigation is why call the G. P. S. so it is it is natural but it can be developed and again the biggest impediment that people have is a lack of trust they think that they're making things up so there's sort of a discernment that people have to have you know when they're gauging is that really you know accurate or am I making that up and when I teach that's part of what I do animals have this kind of instinct where it keeps them from falling into danger they sense things would that be considered a natural part of intuition that they might have yes in fact you and I must be on the same same wavelength here because I was just going to mention animal that they operate that they live that they exist through you know that inner prompting if you wanna call it that and that's how the avoid a lot of things that's absolutely correct and I think they don't question it like we do is we've got this thing called the rational mind animals simply they bring presents they they simply they are in the moment and that's why they have so much to offer as human beings well we've got the same with humans would've could've should've and you know that's like and not acting on your intuition your your gut instincts exactly it's it's interesting that you mentioned that phrase because in my second book I'm sorry in my third book I have a chapter by that name and who is I hear this quite frequently you know with the people who are grieving somebody the second chance you know the death the second gas what could have been done differently what could have been done medically what should I have done to you know make life better for my last one yeah so that's quite common and some people Carroll beat themselves up as well because they say had I done this maybe this wouldn't have happened to this person I cared about or this job that I'd lost or whatever precisely and that's something that people can carry for a long long time and it's it's really what I term full deal because.

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