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To get that special play and special moment from nick falls because it will take that to get the job done look at the afc championship game versus the jacksonville jaguars two weeks ago which by the way feels like a month and a half ago blake portals could make that special play no matter how much that defense beat up on tom brady you need both to go handinhand could a defense make a special play i have a special defensive score to beat the patriots shore and that probably would have been the case in the afc title game had the refs properly ruled the miles jack play and not ruled down by conduct contact but i can't as a fan sit there and have faith that jim schwarz's defense as great as they've been can do that versus tom brady forget just playing well i'm talking about making a game changing play in games that tom brady has played all four quarters in versus a jim schwartz defense he noah jim shorts defense is are there one in six in no seven games so that's supposed to be a big defensive mastermind who timing in time out get out with aid outsmarted outlasted i think that survivor on cbs's motto but you get my drift all of that happens to jim schwartz in that eagles defense and maybe this is the most talented eagled defense a general the jim schwartz's ever hat possibly but history and track record recent history tells me that two weeks to prepare for bill bella check and tom brady they will know how to handle the pressure in the blitzes of jim schwartz and they won't allow them to make a special play which means even if they get their hid sin it is going to be on the arm of nick falls to deliver that magic moment and bring a super bowl to philadelphia can nick falls deliver the special moment call me at eight.

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