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The two teams have been disqualified career wins blah blah blah i'm like no shit i literally saarc kick a person who is fun to watch though was awesome i love shorttrack it was incredible the italians got second i forget who got third somebody there wasn't even in the final right yes uh through i see somebody who's tweeting they were watching the race and they got third like yeah o'hara disqualify the fuck out all of them i love it don't short speech track i look i really are short skates be trek i really enjoying the speed skate shorttrack you guys get in lieu of a men's basketball team loses appeal must vacate wins from two thousand eleven two thousand twelve two thousand fourteen two thousand fifteen which includes two thousand thirteen national championship rick pitino is going to race the tattoo he's got a race the restaurant memory he's got a race this legacy of his rick patino is taking a lot of else in louisville the vaughan elsner lauda hours olovobrugle lot else in the football coaches got a crash get a motorcycle right with his side piece on the back body victory no good for liu oprah can't listen number will rule bro you can't be taking your silesia new fucking main by two though hillary spat with no hell no hell no you don't take no one's going to recognize you roll rows some other chick on your fucking bike at a red light when you're on a motorcycle everybody looks directly at you that's just the way it is that's why i wear i am very covered my whole body is cover you have no idea i look like a possible gang bangar on my bike because i don't want aim by the seamy talk to me because the conversations that could potentially happening around nowhere i went out like my first couple of times murders i net the red light turned into a full fucking qna situation all you have a bike.

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