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So it's always interesting to see when you got a guy who scored a ton of goals at the championship level. Once it comes up to Premier League, can that translate. So he's someone to keep an eye out for. Now in terms of guys that can be, you know. On the way out. You've got one motto. He's not going to play that much at menu. But if he gets transferred to Premier Li that someone you can take an eye out on. Keep an eye out for just to see worry moves to. So that's the one you wanna feature week one at all, but someone you can keep an eye out for because that's six and a half mil. If he end up on another Premier League team, he can be an offense a force. It's just he needs to be in a right situation and someone to play the defense because he can't play a lick of it. Now. In terms of the seven million bracket. Now you're getting the range of anti Marcial Willion you know, these are really talented guys who don't really. Don't really play on that much. I, it's, it's tough, but you know, maybe marshy. AL can get some decent playtime with Marino this year, but you know, that is a curious situation because between marshy Allen rash word, I don't know if those guys can go extent playing time again this year without just amending transfer out of Manchester United. So you know. Keep an eye out for it on the situation wise. If you do happen to select them, you know if you don't see them playing early on, get out as soon as possible that you tend to have that much salary. That's basically being rotational piece because you can't plan out your team that way. Even though you got an auto some feature in the premier fancy Premier League game, that's not the way you want to be going week to week William at seven and a half million. You know, William has a chance here to really make an impact provided that Chelsea doesn't sell him because again, sorry, you, you never know. And you know, again, with the amount of offers going out back four between transfer news regarding hazard, you know, until they get settled, you know, you can't necessarily commit to Chelsea midfielder at this point. In my opinion, I gotta wait it out a couple of weeks. Another guy to focus on is keta at Liverpool. I mean, he comes in, you know, there's a lot of hype. I think it's deserve. But you also have a number of other attacking these liberal securities and other guy, seven half million. I think it's a little bit overpriced because I'm not sure what your role is going to be other than basically being a backup kiss. I don't think you you can play a headstrong player like security with Monica, and I'm not sure security can even accept being on a bench role. So that's a situation that could be very volatile early on the season. So I'm very curious to see how your club manages that group because it's a lot of talent, but sometimes you can have too much talent and with certain personality in the mix, you know, guys may not be willing to accept their spot in the pecking order. Now. I shuttered to bring up this name, but you got the Aaron Ramsey at seven and a half million. Being overpriced because you gotta make Atari in that ten million. I don't understand how Aaron Ramsey can be more expensive than Qatari. Now, granted arsenal doesn't play any defense. So. You know, you're not going to be worried about clean cheats. Basically, this is just about go returns. Arabs is not that. A prolific goalscorer Inamori. He's a good three years. Moved off of what might have been. And the fact that Ramsey is a target that could be sold off this year with arsenal given the fact that you know, I don't think United Emory is looking to keep Ramsey loans. I think he's going to try to cycle out some of these guys that were finger guys Ramsey might not be very long for ourselves. So I will look into guitar in well ahead of Ramsey at this point, especially given the fact that it's cheaper. So if it's someone that you can keep a lookout an eye out for also seven million range, you got me kill Antonio at west Sam. And of course I would be remiss without mentioning Jesse Lynn guard and Manchester United again, rotation in and out of the lineup. But when he plays, he can. Can put up results..

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