Donald Trump, President Biden, Bill Cassidy discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


ABC News. I'm Richard Can't who moderate Republican senators proposing a cheaper pandemic relief package than what President Biden once sat down at the White House Monday evening. I consider it a success. There is common ground, Louisiana's Bill Cassidy. Nothing agreed to during the two hour meet me too early to say. Senses except that we all care about the American people who are in need way feel as if the package needs to be more focused. The Republican counter offer to the administration's nearly $2 trillion measure is just 600 billion. There were areas of agreement like bite in the Republicans are calling for $160 billion for vaccines and testing. And help for small businesses. But while Biden wants $1400 direct payments to most Americans, Republicans want to limit the checks to $1000 and send them on Lee to lower income Americans maybe sees Mary Bruce Ah, week until former President Trump's second impeachment trial begins, one of his lawyers told Fox News the Democrats are using the trial is a weapon to bar Trump from ever seeking office again. David showing says it's undemocratic and unconstitutional. He's one of two new lawyers handling the trump defense after the previous Team up and quit the old legal team, which had been on the job for barely a week left in part because Trump had told them that he wanted to use the impeachment trial to make the case, the thoroughly discredited case that the election was stolen from him, and they thought that would be a big mistake. ABC is Jonathan Karl, a lot of places in the Northeast US and trying to dig out after a major winter storm that left 30 inches of snow in some areas. In Allentown, Pennsylvania. 71 year old patio, Gento says. We found her shoveling.

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