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He can he can shoot those white guys at the YMCA skill. It was. But again, that's what he he came to that Robert Griffin. But I was right about that. And I'm going to be right about this one. Now, you say to hacker, Hindu luck. And I'm saying it's not obviously, Andrew luck. I'm going with that all day and all night because all I know is that Andrew luck's career has been plagued by injuries and turnovers. Am I right about that horribly plagued by injuries and turnover because Andrew luck immediately became an NFL turnover machine, and you would agree with that. Because you've said that on this show for his rookie year. He finished second in overall turnovers to Mr. fumble Mark Sanchez, and then in twenty fourteen he finished second overall NFL turnovers to a guy you have little to no respect for Jay Cutler. This is I'm talking about Andrew luck here. Twenty twelve to twenty sixteen. Andrew luck was third in the NFL and all in total turnovers. To ally in Philip rivers. Is that good help me out that not turnover machine was that not like slot machine? You just pull down the arm and the ball coughs out was asked of him. This is a young man who wants to run through that brick wall of that defense. He's going to hold the ball and hold it. Trying to make the play the big doing right now. There are some similarities, but not that hasn't been nearly as bad as Andrew luck has been regularly bad and the point is that Andrew luck then would take off and run and try to run through the linebacker backer or over the linebacker the way Dak often does and what happened to Andrew luck one injury. After another need. I start to list them. He's had concussions. He's had cracked ribs. He's had a lacerated kidney abdominal pulls, and obviously one shoulder injury after another that led to finally a big bad surgery. And it looked like for a while. He wasn't going to be able to come back from that big bad search Orion. What is he doing at the million sixteen months? God does he look would you trust this? If we're going to pick one of these two quarterbacks right now, it does Andrew luck not suffer from some cauliflower. Body where he's got all kinds of body parts that have been banged to the point that he's one hit away from another big surgery, and.

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