President Trump, Twitter, Phil Rucker discussed on MSNBC Morning Joe


It's easy given the fact that as Phil Rucker pointed out earlier, give it how much the president allies given the documented, four thousand lives or something. And of course the first eighteen months the presidency. It's easy to lose focus on how extrordinary this statement was what the president said on Twitter on Sunday President basically came on Twitter and a casual enraged fit. What on Twitter and basically said that he misled the American people, he dictated a statement helped shape a statement that was an outright. Why. By about a pivotal moment in the history of the presidential campaign. And the history of this investigation basically said it mid straightforward lake on the record and said, this meeting was about colluding with a foreign government are attempting to collude or conspire with a foreign government to get dirt on my presidential opponent. Not only did he admit that openly offhandedly, but he basically said, I lied about this. I bet align about this. Everyone around me is lied about this and it's Ben lying about this. It is I, I would say, Peter Baker ask you because you are crock ler many presidential administrations you've you've seen a lot of things you've seen. A lot of is there's not a president. We've covered who we've not seen the lie, but I will say that even by the standards, Donald Trump about the standards of any president I've ever covered. This is one of the most extraordinary admissions of having lied on the record of any president. I can't think of anything But in. in the annals of presences that I know about, that's anything like this or not just as gratuitous, but potentially consequential. Well, it is consequential course where we've, we've seen these reports Muller's looking at the president's tweets as part of his look into whether structure of Justice. And certainly we've seen in the last couple of weeks more tweets would add to that. To that possible case, this being one of them, the other being his, not quite order to Jeff Sessions to shut down the investigation. So you've got a president here that any lawyer would would. Certainly be leery of having a client because you can say anything at anytime undermined his own cases, own defenses. Own story is own version of the truth, and it's, it must be frustrating to the lawyers. Jay Secolo is shown, right? Right. Before you were talking there about, you know, being given bad information who gave him bad information that that's that's a pretty important thing. And if I was a lawyer in a situation being given bad information, you have to wonder whether it's worth staying, whether you're, you're putting yourself in professional jeopardy. You worked for president who used language to soar to.

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