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We're back at the races. Our three and a few minutes and we talked obviously earlier to jason beam. You just heard jason's Dulcet tone voicing the commercial for the season at colonial dance and while jason comes in to call the races for the season and jessica cat Jill burned is working year round To be prepared for this day and for the next five weeks. Make it six and a half seven weeks jill. Good morning and Best wishes for great mate morning stadium. Exciting finally be back in ready to roll here colonial down. Well a and it's a process obviously and reestablishing They're actually not that not that you were aided in any way by last year's difficulties The fact is that the purse account Just grew and grew in grew. And here you are in a position to offer really the best in the mid atlantic and the entry box reflects the interest. Yes that's absolutely no. It's great to have the per structure the way it is and just everything seems like a lot of things coming together. It's the right time and you know we have such a great facility here with our surfaces the turf core secretary of course and.

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