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Like we, we were, we were poor and it was a lot like my parents work nights and we're gonna lot. So it was like twenty dollars for pizza about a sandwich nights. A lot of like, I don't even eat pasta with red sauce anymore. If unless it's like at an Italian restaurant, because that's what we just ate for like every it's very cheap to feed five people and it's like, put on this. You can make a pot of sauce. Free make a gallon of sauce, freeze it and just boils Ravs or whatever. That's all I ate growing up. As a matter of fact, I never even had fresh vegetables and I didn't even know that that was an issue until my wife whose father was a cook, owned a restaurant and his her mom is a bomb coke to and worked at that restaurant. So when I started dating her, they were like constantly going to like the market day of to get stuff or like, hey, I'm making veal scaloppini tonight, and and I'm just like a guy who likes most foods and because I got into. Restaurants and stuff in college with my wife. That's why I had Thai food. That's right. I had sushi and then I would just go to and I'd be like, she's like, you never even had what we have lettuce tomatoes for like coca sandwiches. She's like, but what about like beings gimme at cans or frozen? I didn't even know it like came in. There is a, I think that's like your experiences rather way more American in general. I do a lot of all shop day of, but I can walk to my grocery store the it is one hundred percent. The wall leave my house today, and I will move my leg. I saw walk over there and then I'll do the back and then I'll buy too much while I got some taking five dollars. Yeah, I I lived in Brooklyn for a long time. So that was like the stop at the market from the subway to your house life. And that was the best where like tiff would like my wife would just I'd be like, dad, clams and I got clams claims for that forces you shop almost exclusively by the weekly ad says you to move to do stuff, right? So you don't think you're going for like, oh, this is a dollar off this today. We'll steak was five dollars for a pound, and I was like, I'll buy that and just kind of move around and I'll free stuff. I'm I've become very much alike. I have have Turkey. I can do something with that later. Weird limit level of adulthood with food where my wife like she says, now I've caught onto it too. I opened the fridge and it feels good to see a bunch of stuff. Right. And that's like, but my the worst thing for me is food waste, and I hate like produce. I'm always like, shit. I can't believe I didn't get to these this broccoli rob in time. And now it's like toast feel terrible. I'm so huge on wasting food to my own detriment like now, I have worms in my backyard for my food and it's okay if you ask us to leave. I'm just glad that the sentence has started with. I have worms ended in my backyard. Very bad about getting to me in my head. It sound like you ate a bunch of Ron food and got like a worm. To my detriment. So eight all this old cheese. Our.

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