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How will your husband? I'm glad you are here today. I forget to take my glasses off. And they call such shadow that well I thought it would take them off you so you check out our Amazon bestselling book. Let's talk dementia if you don't have it then hop on Amazon and pick up that as long as an wire. Their checkout reminiscent worship. My newest newest book I just love the whole book But anyway I thank you for doing that today. I WanNa talk about two different oils. We're GONNA talk about Doe Tara's breath and we're GONNA talk about CBD oil two totally different oils two totally different kinds of oils for different reasons. But they were important in my mom's caregiving journey and I think they can be in ears. Well first let me show you the Tara's breathe. This is a teeny tiny. Little bottle isn't it. It is fifteen emails. Hi Amy bottle of potent amazing stuff. This little bottle will run. You probably thirty thirty five dollars. But it's wonderful. I WanNa tell you about how I I used with my mom and how I still use it today So my Momma as a Lotta people with Alzheimer's type dementia had a constantly runny nose. I'm talking run run. Run all the time now. This is a little bit personal bummed. His Go tell it to you anyway because you know me I'll tell you about anything. Someone told me one day. She said Pokey Asthma nickname I want you to get to Tampons Mama. Why do you tampons? She said I'm GONNA put one both montage Who's running so much? Isn't that funny. I just think it's hilarious. Every time I think about it I think about Moment Bellamy. She needs to tampons. But that's that's how annoying. It is for our folks with dementia. Their notions runs and runs and runs and runs. They've lost the sense of smell in the nose is running. So it's a real issue and I don't no no how I discovered that this worked but I did you ten this dough. Tara woop says the wrong one does tear breathe. Okay you're going to open it up you'RE GONNA turn it upside down in get just that much on the finger see. It's just a tiny bit and you're going to have one two three four another one and you're GonNa go right on the breast above the heart in rubbish. Just right there smells good. I love how it smells. You will be shot at how much it decreases runny nose. I don't know why I can't answer that but I can assure you it works but this finger anger that you just dipped in got it on. Go Wash it because if you get in your eyes you go hate me a whole lot but that works really well to to cut down on the runny nose. we just did it once a day with Mama probably in a perfect world we would have done it before bed also but it didn't seem to have. She didn't have that problem the runny nose so much at night. I take some of their other oils. Because I'm allergic to colognes on the logic about everything that goes on the skin But I take this. Got Limonov got peppermint either everything because I love it in. I just do a drop or two in my hair. Yeah now smell good in. It's all natural sean. It's not something number chemicals on my skin and causing all kinds of bad bad deal with my body. I mean we're exposed to so many chemicals. I just finished a class. Ask that said that the average females exposed to two hundred chemicals before she walks out the door in the morning will not because I went and bought all natural makeup and I may talk to you about that one day so breath. Oil is wonderful There will be a Lincoln by show but you can order it from my friend. If you won't do you get a kickback from this. She just sales it Her email address is Ilma m. e. at comportment dot net M. as in Michael Emma's in Michael E as in Easter got it at comport him. Com P. O. R. I U. M. Dot Net Taylor. Carole told you order that stuff and she'll sip it to you It's a great thing. CBD Oil say this bottle. I kinda dropped some all down front messed up the front so I'll show you the back but this this is by a company called straight hip. Now there's a lot of talk about CBD oil about marijuana. I live in Florida now in medical marijuana is legal I think it should be everywhere I tell you. I don't understand how you can have disease. And thus got cancer and they WANNA put all this radiation on you and in you and and in Chemotherapy there is nothing about any of that. This easy on the human body some many horrific side effects and yes. I know there are times times. We need to do it. But sometimes thanking how come medical marijuana is not everywhere but what is everywhere is CBD oil so what is CBD The oil well CBD oil has rocked my world. And I'm Gonna I tell you about that started using it in the mornings because my husband insist seem to thank you might need a little something to take the edge off menopause. I don't think he said I was being witchy with the B or maybe he did say that but anyway away. I decided to try it and it really did seem to just calm things for me. A little bit. Menopause is not fun. You guys are watching this. You're going. Yeah whatever well trust me when your hormones surges crazy and everything's off balance you don't feel well and it helped me. The Momma passed in started not sleeping good and I said to my daughter. I'm just not sleeping. Good since Mama passed. She's Mama take your CD while at night show good idea. I knew she went to medical school for a reason. And so oh I see started using it at night in slip so now I use a bottle just like the old that literally on their it's dropper and that's it's about how much I pull up in their probably not that much normally because my bottles not that full Probably more like that. I use that much morning and night so this this bottle last year more more than a year last longtime don't spill it. 'cause it's not cheap but it's so worth it and it did help. Take the edge off for menopause pause for me and helped me sleep. I used it with Mama for quite a while in her late stage Alzheimer's I would say Gosh. We use it when she was about eight months ten months before she passed and she was sounding horrifically in wait could give her C. D. at nine light When afternoon in her son Downing was not as intense did it stop but it did take the edge off of it? I know it's been reported that people have Parkinson's use it. It helps to decrease tremors did not decrease my Momma strimmers. But that doesn't mean it won't for you or your loved one. Let's face it if you take a tylenol. It made get rid of your headache if if I take a tylenol. It does nothing for my headache. So you can't judge everything by one person's what it does for you that counts but So this CBD oil has no thc so now what is thc will thc is what is in medical marijuana that will make you high or marijuana general It it will make you high and it is not in. CBD Oil so you're not going to get a buzz from this is going to take the edge off of life for anxiety or whatever that that you might be done with. But YOU'RE NOT GONNA get high it's not gonNA show up. As far as I understand it would not show up in a urine test. Now I might find out that strong but that's what I have been toke both so it's a great thing to add to your caregiving plan for yourself because this I know you're tired you're stressed you're anxious. You're you're probably a little bit depressed. You might be a lot depressed this this. CBD Oil will help you who doesn't bitch turn it around And I don't I don't believe it will hurt you but then again I've been medical school but twice in the head launched both times. I've told you that so. Don't use me as your advice but ask your doctor. Is there any reason with the medications indications that I'm on or whatever that I can't try CBD oil and you might be surprised. He says go forward because more doctors are doing that The company I get it from is straight him S. T. R. A. G. H. T.. Stop think he h EMP Products in this is what their website site says. It says their products are natural in Colorado. Was Snow Mountain Natural Son boy. A good person were good person with words that right all all straight hint products contain the spectrum of wellness intended by nature. Meaning there's much more than just. CBD All products contain naturally actually occurring turbines and other trace cannibal noise to achieve maximum benefits for body and mind. Yeah so what are TERP. Pains while turbines turbines are camp chemical found in the cannabis plant. There's about one hundred and forty of these compounds. They belong to a large class of aromatic. Organic hydrocarbons call turbines pins cannabis is capable of affecting the mind. The emotions in the behavior in the main. The main reason for that is the psychotropic. THC which is not in CBD oil oil. So you're not gonNA act clunky and do weird stuff and neither is your loved one with dementia so you might WanNa check that out. That's just my thoughts today I just know what it's done in my world. Yeah I know what it did for my Mama. And I've got clients who are using it. Also so does Tara. Three DAB DAB DAB DAB DAB here reduces runny nose in in your world. If you've congested and oh you just feel that coming on. This is a wonderful thing to put in that same place into put in your diffuser Sir interviews it into your room and maybe put it in your What's the one you plug up? You put water in. Its can't think of not not a diffuser that just puts the Senate the one that she put it your face foot. I can't think of the name of it but anyway it's a good thing to us. I do the different flavored ones in my water. They have several of of their products that you can actually put on your body or ingest and then some that are just for the air. I believe but be careful if you buy other brands hands in you. Ingest them where you put them on your skin. You might wish you have. And that's why you buy to Tehran. Just going to tell you and then straight him for the CBD oil well now that everybody's GonNa get to film real mom and Lake Back. You can all Ryan thank me but don't write complain about anything because I told you to check with Dr. I have have a good day guys bye. Let's talk. Dementia would like to thank our sponsors National Association of Veterans and families. You can reach them at eight hundred ensured three five to to nine one nine on the Internet at www dot in a vhf dot org. They speak veterans. So you don't have to and you you tell Carol Saint You. When you call to inquire about benefits for the veteran spouse of the better or both editor bed you can find Ms Beth crosby at editor attor Beth Dot Com? She is raising looking at what you've written in making sure represents you will find her at. WWW dot editor Beth dot com And HD imports located on Flint Street extension in Rock Hill South Carolina. That's your county eight. Oh three nine eight five zero nine eight five side. They are there for the hunt the repair and maintenance of your Honda Hyundai Toyota Kia. Tell Them Carol CINCI. Thanks for joining joining us today for Carol. Howls let's talk dementia to learn more about dementia we recommend Carols bestselling book also titled? Let's talk dementia. It's available on Amazon. Zahn in paperback and kindle versions. Be sure to like. Let's talk dementia on facebook and leave us a kind word of review on I tunes remember. Knowledge brings power power brings hope hope bring smiles and we all need more.

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