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But Kobe tracking project counts 4077 deaths in the U. S yesterday attributed to the coronavirus. The Biden administration says that could translate to an additional 90,000 deaths in the next four weeks. Democrats warning they are ready to go it alone. Hana Coronavirus relief package. Senate Majority Leader truck, Schumer says a bold and robust course of action is required to meet ongoing health and economic needs from the Corona virus pandemic. The danger of under shooting our response to Over 19 is far greater than over shooting. Schumer says he'd prefer a bipartisan approach. But so far Republican leaders have been cool toe a $1.9 trillion proposal from the White House that includes a hike to the minimum wage. So Democrats in Congress are taking steps for a process called budget reconciliation, a legislative tool requiring a simple majority in the Senate instead of a 60 vote threshold on Capitol Hill, Jared Halpern Fox new tributes are pouring in for actress Cloris Leachman filmmaker Mel Brooks, calling her insanely talented and irreplaceable. The Oscar award winner whose rules ranged from Timmy's mom on last day, two from Blucher and Young Frankenstein, died in her sleep Wednesday. Cloris Leachman was 94 Bernie's mittens, not just to hit on social media, but the boon to charity as well. Senator Bernie Sanders reveals his memorable inauguration look, has helped raise $1.8 million for charitable organizations in Vermont, the lawmaker began still Sweatshirts of his viral image, wearing a winter coat and mittens and a folding chair for $45 to raise funds for meals on wheels in his home state, he tells The Associated Press. They sold out within half an hour with other chairmen, Sanders Apparel added over the weekend, selling out by Monday, Senator says he's glad to use his Internet fame to help Vermonters in need. Kristen Goodwin. Box News, Jack Hello again. This'll be Fox News today in school. I learned a lot In chemistry. We're not no one likes me. In English. I learned that I'm disgusting. And in physics. I learned that I'm a loser today in school, I learned that I'm ugly and useless. And Jim Allen that I'm pathetic in a joke in history, I learned that I'm trying today in school. I learned that I have no friends and in English, I learned that I make people six. And at lunch, I learned that I stood on my own because I smell in chemistry. I learned that no one in biology, chemistry, Linda, I'm fat and stupid and in math, I learned that I'm trash. The only thing I didn't learn in school today. Only thing I.

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