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Peci orig- shot from right point change direction on the way in. But then I got the block on it. And now bucks gates at right side whips around trying to find Brock Nelson goes the length of the ice, and I single the call against New York. Stunning turn of events of the canes score twice in the first sixty five seconds of the third and they have to one lead crowd booing there. They felt that Carolina had a chance to play that puck before it went over the line. But again, it's that founds pass by WalMart. All the benches rate between the benches are so falling full to get that first goal. Seventeen seconds. And then the islanders never covered the next minute before. It became a two game. Again, the goals. Just forty eight seconds apart Vogel's team-leading v from WalMart and MENA Lennon at the seventeen second Mark. And then Nino Nita writers I of the playoffs at one zero five to put the canes up that one is by terrifying and slave it Carolina in their own end working out here is the former island Anita writer rightly over the line one on one with leading carries it to the goal line hits the brakes spray, some snow to Faulk at right points. Let circle wide open with a blast. And it just wouldn't go for him. Held him by the canes stall, Tomaszewski steals the on the far corner. Try to work it out. The Senate knock down by Jordan stall by peci in front of the penalty boxes and Tara Viney now has a cross ice pass. Intercepted by Kuna Cain, sending him deep and both teams will change up early third period. Carolina with the two one lead. I us. Get the puck at center here. Anders Lee to Jordan Everley down the left wing wall in Carolina, ice skates. Above the circle leaves from L rich, Johnny missed it wide. Right. May feel the whole right boards. Put it toward the net. Lee what the flex wide right of the cage an jumps on. It says it up the far Justin.

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