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Brian Windhorst, Anthony Davis, Celtics discussed on Afternoons with Marcellus & Kelvin


Anyway, you could get me to do that anymore in my life ever. My my barber actually is really hardcore into paintball. And every time I go get a haircut. We talk about it. And he's he's getting covering all weekend and his brother. Yeah. Are like that come up with strategies and stuff like that? Now, it's hard core. We got trapped by a bunch of commandos once it was like ridiculous. This is dumb that high quits. Has asked him. I was like how can you differentiate when you're going? To course, you don't know of your with former military or not. And he's like, oh, no, you you can find the way they move or find a very quickly. There's nothing like commando about me. I'm not a like, you know, coaches talk about it. Like, this one you want you want a roster full of foxhole guys. Yeah. I don't think I'm a foxhole guy, and I certainly wouldn't have been in an actual foxhole. Like, I would not have had a year off. You're not gonna have my six what they say, whatever it is. I'd be good at ops. It'd be here to hear your propaganda or you're that guy be the guy newspapers guy that would be good like, you know, in the in the whatever they call him. The command war center, basically could be baby who I'd probably would have been. What is the guy who is the cautionary tale for all the other guys who are joining the platoon that they tell you about the story about that guy. We didn't get a chance to learn his name. Wow. That probably would never happen to that guy. Brighton beach. Wow. Big time all of us can be Davis, by the way. So what's the deal with Anthony Davis? We endorse is getting everybody. All right up. Many fine does. Yes, Brian does. I really liked. What would Brian pointed out an article today was that little the little kind of thing about the contract. And how if the Lakers wanna try and or anybody who wants to try and pounce on Anthony Davis now, it'd be the time to try and get a step ahead of the Celtics because they have Kyrie Irving. And right. You can't have those to the rule is he's got the call it the it's it's not the superman. Yeah. The designated player contract or whatever it is. We're basically like you're like the story of the stars on your team Cantu. Can't have to. Okay. So kyri though is a free agent of the NFL like that rule once July one comes around. He's not technically on the team anymore. You could acquire Anthony Davis that way, and then signed kyri who said he wants to to be a Celtic. I get that. I get why like the idea of trying to get ahead of it. What I don't understand in that. And and windy to his credit. I thought you were gonna play. The noise again, I kinda like it. I every time every time you say Brian Windhorst you play the sound. What's up Brian Windhorst? L the. Even. Okay. I was actually playing Anthony Davis show. I thought it was like your sound effect for Windhorst. All right. The by the way by tomorrow, man, you and me are going to be great Wendy's opposed to be in tomorrow to really. He's he's banned these banned for Mason Ireland. Why is he banned for Mason in Ireland? What I miss the basically Steve things he takes himself too seriously, win horse, so Mason, band Mason band. So it's nothing. He's really done. This just. We'll talk about it tomorrow. Okay. I don't know if he even knows you know, what that means for this show..

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Brian Windhorst, Anthony Davis, Celtics discussed on Afternoons with Marcellus & Kelvin

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