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It's important is important agreed. Don't get it twisted the rules. Because you're you of course it caught up in yeah promotion and it's important you have to. I agree with you betcha though we got big suit. Joseph supermax rodriguez. Everyone always say they're gonna be fight of the night and this and debt but few of us got the accolades to back them up. Sign with my team. We get you in fight of the night winters. That's right that's where i'm not a four horsemen supermax. Let those bags and he puts on shows. Big that's what i want to put on shows didn't use it a banger people to watch my fights and be like y'all that was fun. Say he moving up for alaska. What did you mean alaska. And even he was fighting. Mario wait yeah. But but shoka was saying one seventy five. He was going to go down. A mammalian. looks really big up top. You know what i'm saying. He's like he's got like linebacker. Upper body so ohno. How big alaska really is or what he'd wanna fight at but dope it. Would it be to say. I beat somebody from alaska. That's everybody can say that member listen. S dopey out twitter mortgage instagram. You're not man next sports. Any ex u. p. sports talk. Check me out man. You go live all the time all the time..

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