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Nine fifteen. Attorney general William Barr says he will allow congress to view special counsel, Robert Muller's report with nothing redacted other than grand jury information. CBS news special report CBS news, special report, no evidence of obstruction. Only cooperation attorney general William bar has just given his assessment of Robert Muller's full Russia report ahead of its public. Release the president took no act that in fact, deprive the special counsel of the documents and witnesses necessary to complete his investigation are says read the four hundred pages shows, Mr. Trump did nothing to try to alter the outcome. President confirmed that in the interest of transparency and full disclosure to the American people he would not assert privilege over the special counsel's report news, political consultant, Leonard Steinhorn, bedded in his entire press conference was the notion that President Trump's narrative of this whole thing has been accurate all along that he has been to some extent victim of his political opponents in the media dish committee. Jerry, Nadler has just tweeted saying lawmakers can't take the attorney general's word for it. They need to read the report for themselves. CBS news special report, I'm Deborah Rodriguez. And you're listening to w w j NewsRadio nine fifty new at this hour regional leaders are talking about Detroit's future this morning during a pancakes in politics discussion, w w j said he beat reporter. Vicki Thomas reports live and local diversity and inclusion was a big topic today. Good morning. Vicky. The morning Jackie. And that was one of the question put to the panelists including Gary Torgau of Chemical Bank. Does the city of Detroit have a problem when it comes to diversity and inclusion I've been here a long time. He is company really believe that an order for Detroit to succeed. It needs to be inclusive at needs to be diverse at needs to give out profanity. Not just the people who are coming in from out of state to our local traders give jobs don't come back to treat four Detroiters. We're going to have a real issue in the future. Tanya Allen is president of the skillman foundation and not be equitable without talking about how empower in my opinion is the ability to rewrite the rules, and we need some role rewriting in the city. And she goes on to say, how can you be in a majority African American city of say that we ought to include.

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