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Or so. We will talk with chris williamson to work through all of that David pennington from the shine shop also joins me a little bit later on today are accessible flare. Inhere poll question on our facebook page at noko. Now it's a real simple one. What are you most looking forward to this week. In northern colorado. What are we doing. where are we going. What are we got on tap for this weekend. let me know Shoot attacks on our kpfk a text line. it is Nine seven zero four seven eight one three zero one nine seven zero four seven eight one. Three zero one text. kf k. A to that number and you will be subscribed and you'll be ready to go one of the stories. I'm going to get to a little bit Later on as well is The richard sherman The richard sherman case He was arrested earlier. this week. and it's the the nine one one call is disturbing. It's disturbing for a couple reasons. So we'll we'll get all of that and much much more. Let's get into some news news for northern colorado as There is a lot of it here today. fatal crash here in northern colorado. An unfortunate obviously always an unfortunate story two vehicle crash blocked colorado highway fourteen at the narrows west of the michele waka april theater This triggered a significant emergency responder presence up to putin canaan this happening yesterday morning Mid morning they've got a obviously resolved by now But colorado state patrol an area. First responders rushed to the scene of the series injury crash near biomarker one zero to about four miles west of the car out of fourteen intersection with stove. Prairie road the larimer county. Coroner was called to the scene. Where at least one person had to be extracted from a vehicle so That over on highway fourteen yesterday Hopefully you know. Hopefully we don't have to keep reporting on things like this. Obviously it seems that. I will say it does seem like slow down a little bit. The number of crashes that we have had to talk about and hopefully that continues on here. Let's get some good news on this. Friday lamoure county most wanted has been arrested They'll ever county sheriff's office announced. And i love this. It's whenever there's a big announcement like this. It's announced via twitter The lerma county sheriff's office announced that two former lamoure county most wanted people were arrested back in june. This is jill. Jackson was arrested by johnstown. Please june twenty-ninth. Jackson wanted on a felony warrant from the sheriff's office. Alleging charges of two counts of possession of a controlled substance and two counts of possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute the other person. Dante heart who was named most wanted back a back. On april thirtieth was arrested by fort collins. Police alleging failure to appear on a charge of first degree trespassing into a dwelling And here's the thing. I'm still curious about this. I've watched so many cop shows that i'm still curious. Do you think he's a sheriff's offices and these police officers. Do they put them up on the wall. Still you know what i mean like. Ncis you look back there. And they've got the the most wanted up on the wall And and do you think they somebody like jethro. Gibbs that just goes over there just puts a big wreck rednecks on their fazli. We got him. I mean is that is that still thing we've got going on Mission success boys. So that's what i wanna know. If there's somebody can answer. That should be a text on the text. Line as well Police departments still do that or if that was everything or if that was just tv thing because you would think after enough cop shows that i would know this but i still doubt Fort collins man was arrested with explosives. Anytime you have a story like this Garner is a little bit of attention for collins man. Thirty four year old nicholas dice has been arrested on accusations of possessing explosive device. Almost two months after law enforcement say they found an explosive in his vehicle during a traffic stop sheriffs investigators in the northern car at a bomb squad and special agents from the f. b. i. alcohol tobacco and firearms so the allot agencies. Involved in this one were in the area for several hours during which they say. They recovered three improvised explosive devices. A molotov-cocktail and firearms. This is right here in our backyard. Right we see these stories. We saw the story down in denver We saw the story With them finding all of that ammunition on those firearms But having a molotov-cocktail and multiple firearms Yet that's a little bit of a cause for concern. This is great work. Great work by the corresponding agencies. Like i said there's a bunch of them in there. It sounds like there needed to be because this sounds like a very serious thing and when we get on i mean when when people not i i should i almost said we which would have included me in this when people get on cops and say yeah this and listeners. We don't see a lot of these stories. This story Dominating headline news. I don't and why is that well. It's because they got to him before whatever sick planty had in mind Happened and that's that's the awesome. Part of the story is that they were able to get to this guy and get him arrested before whatever he never got a chance to use it right he never got a chance to use that. Molotov-cocktail you never got to use those firearms. And i think we should be reporting on that as much as we do when something goes wrong we should lead with this and it drives me crazy that we don't because this is you talk about narrative you're talking about pr you talking about The perception of cops and how they do things. The stories like these would help. Change that around continuing news for northern colorado retired. Windsor and severance superintendent. Karen and truth-ler is a finalist for the weld ari. Five jay interim role. The this by an delaney out of the greeley tribune karen wrestlers the loan finalists for the year long term superintendent job in the five j school district system. That's seen rocky times in recent months while serving students in the johnstown american areas. Yeah it does seem like That school district For quite a while. Now it just seems like there's always one thing it's it's been a divided community and now they're bringing in truth-ler to try and get that done truth-ler retired from the windsor severance district. In july of two thousand fifteen after nine years as superintendent and over thirty seven years in the school system true slur was interviewed. By the five-person weld ari five. Jay board of education during a special virtual meeting wednesday afternoon truce are taught for twenty years at the elementary grade levels and also worked as a curriculum specialist in principle at mountain view in grandview elementary schools before turning her attention to family matters and nonprofit work truth set meskel district leadership. And that's why i'm here today. I like this move. I know it's only a year long intermural but you bring somebody in with that much experience and when you're in this position it's normally a good thing. If not a ton of people know your name that means you did it right for that many years. And that's something pretty special to hang your hat on over thirty seven years in the school system. She had been the schooled Of course the superintendent in windsor while are four and now looking to fill that role it sounds like she will be the person who will be filling that role For weld r. e. five jay..

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