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Rosamund johnson set to work on the melody for a new song finally finished it. It's first title was if you lack of me. But when colin johnson presented to a music publisher it was suggested that the would be changed to under the bamboo tree. Then the tucson miss marie who liked it instantly but when she insisted that it'd be incorporated into the show. Nancy brown another snag was hit for the composer of nancy brown. What put that in. My show never never not have my scar ruined by that. Refuse to call it a song. But the liveliness kale. Who knew a hit. When she heard it commonly put her dainty foot down and said the song went in our she went out. The song went in and so out of the past out of a race and who music and love of it is born came under the bamboo tree. Well now it's time to turn you back to your own announcer and until we get together again. Session of can you imagine that. This is lindsay. Mccurry saying gavino and there you have from back in the nineteen forties. Can you imagine that here. On classic radio theater a person to person expression of international goodwill. that's the way many prominent people including president. Truman and general eisenhower have described care. The agency that sends needed food packages overseas care offers. Food and clothing packages which provide more per dollar than individuals can send any other way each food packages designed to supplement their rations of a family of four for one month. Orders placed in the united states airmail to designated countries and deliveries are made from local care warehouses. If you'd like to order a care package just send ten dollars to care new york. Give your name and address and specified whom. You're sending the package on delivery. You receive a signed receipt. Our company was founded by mom who had faith in god and we're willing to endure hardship and sacrifice for the sake of that faith in these troubled times. There is need to support a way of life based on the enduring principles of religion which net the family together make for good citizenship and build a character of the children. The religious institutions in your community need your interest and support so take an active part in religious affairs. Your pastor rabbi appraised. We'll give you invaluable family counseling aid. If you're a newcomer to the community to face. The problems of the future america must be morally strong and that moral strength comes through worship and go to church this week and take someone with you. Visit our web page. Classic radio dot stream where you can get in touch with us anytime you can also hear our programs on demand and learn more about classic radio collecting. Don't forget that. Our programs are available anywhere on the internet podcasts or served just search for usa classic radio theater. That's u s. A classic radio theater and i'm white sox. Thank you so much for spending part of your day with us. Support free radio by.

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