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Berge ron mcevoy chara debrusk bacchus rick nash adam mcquaid anders bjork at seven guys who you would consider the well i'll leave york out six guys at least who you would consider mainstays on your team they lose five four in overtime to the columbus blue jackets who were winning their eighth in a row right i mean they'll they'll take i guess we'll take the loser point but also brad marchand like that play that is just ridiculous we had that big argument onset but off camera very is absolutely positively convinced that is brad marchand call that is a number sixty three call i'm not giving him the benefit of the doubt you know his reputation precedes itself i could see that i hope not i hope to god that nhl nhl officials aren't in the heat of the battle going that'd be a penalty on anybody else but sixty three nope no i'm going to let it go i mean they can't in the in the moment they can't think that way can they think they can i think i think in all sports they kind of do and they'll try to pretend that there's not on the one hand superstar treatment for those guys you'll like if that was sidney crosby dale does he get that does he get that call god cry probably getting that call so i think on the on the flip side of it there are guys that maybe they think are dirty or they embellish or they flop or they do all these different things i think that is on their mind i wouldn't say every official does it that way but i'm sure there are there are those that do we tease jaffe because he used to be a college official and so we always say he's our officials sympathizing you know he's going to look at things and say well you know before we went on a game so fast he saying to the producer he saying you know we're looking at the replays and he's saying i gotta get that lower angle i gotta see it at the same level the official was seeing it at and it was the the last of the replay angles that we showed and billy sees yeah i i.

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