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Like pressure sometimes produces this like you hear about people whose parents were very hard in them and that produce greatness like bondo with joshua tree so the question i have is jamie jimmy tarts good now. He's good with his teammates. He seems to be good like everything is good. But we need or afc. Richmond needs jamie tar to be great and can jamie tarbey great without the motivation that was previously driving him or will he just get. Ted lasts into this position where he's happy and doesn't really care about results where he's not results oriented in a job where your results are one or two percent how you and everything around. You will be judged not how nice if a person you are or how much personal growth you experienced. The judgement occurs what is printed in the newspapers. If that's still something that happens is your record. It's your it's your statistics it's your chievements. You're judged by your chievements not how great your spirit was how nice of a team that you are but how well your team achieved and how well you achieved. Jamie tart is an achiever based on negative energy and you remove that negative energy. And now he's just a freewheeling nice goofy guy is he still going to be an achiever and i think that's the question that we can put on all of afc richmond and then all comes from the ted lasts away. Yeah we'll look a very a very good. There may be able to get under the hood on that with jamie and may be able to be like all right. So what what were the aspects of that negative space that occupied so much of your drive and your energy that you can rediscover in healthier aspects of your life like how can you tap back into the roots of some of that stuff And i do think that. That's like that's bertel territory for somebody of the professional pedigree of dr sharon and and the kind of stuff that she can dry. And i'll tell you antonio like i really wanted to see more of sharon in jamie together and to see more of that session beyond just keeley taking jamie therapy. Which was amazing. By the way in jamie's sitting down and being like so. Just talk about me self. And she's like yeah. It's basically all right. I ever wanted you know. He's very ideal therapy candidates. It's great that he's gonna hopefully divine value from it so but initial instinct was to be like kind of frustrated that we didn't get that therapy seen that we so haven't really gotten that therapy scene. I actually think it's a really artful choice on the shows. Part to keep us at arm's length from from from that stuff because as much as this isn't ensemble show and there are so many different players that we are deeply invested in both in terms of the littoral players but also the cast members just overall. This is a show called ted last. So it's about ted lasso in his influence on people primarily and for ted. Clearly this is like a sacred art that he does not know. This is like stephen strange..

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