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A big day of the college bowl season. The last one on New Year's day upsets definitely on parade Sugar Bowl last night's all number fifteen Texas throttle, number five Georgia twenty eight twenty one the long orange jumped out to a seventeen nothing lead by the first play of the second quarter quarterback. Sam etlinger ran in a couple of touchdowns while the BULLDOGS looked less. Like a playoff team. They thought they should have been in the top four look more like a sandlot squad. A couple of turnovers and a miscue by their punter shorten the field time and time again for Texas. Etlinger etlinger rather editor third touchdown run in the fourth quarter for twenty eight seven lead Georgia finally got a couple of late scores. But they ran out of time. The number eleven LSU fought off number eight central Florida, forty thirty two handing the knights their first loss in two years and then a twenty five game winning streak. Joe borough threw for three hundred ninety four yards and four touchdowns Rose Bowl number six turn back number nine Washington. Twenty eight twenty three the buckeyes bucking the trend doing Haskins throwing three first-half scoring passes to give urban Meyer the win in his final game as a head coach number one hundred eighty eight if you're scoring Allback bowl in Tampa saw Iowa upenn number eighteen Mississippi State twenty seven twenty two three TD passes for eight Stanley and the Citrus Bowl in Orlando. Number fourteen Kentucky edge, number twelve. Penn. State twenty seven twenty four many smell junior restaurant hundred forty four yards and two scores. He becomes the Wildcats all time leading rusher and gave the UK. Kids their first ten win season. Since one thousand nine hundred seventy seven course, there's still one more game to play after the national semifinals over the weekend. Where number two Clemson at number one Alabama advanced to the national championship game. That's coming up Monday night in Santa Clara, California, the crimson tide and Tigers both fourteen the first time the college football playoff title, game matches up to undefeated teams courses the third time in the last four years that these do have played for the trophy each one wants and last year the two met in the semifinals. Bama one that one. And then got the national championship win over Georgia on the coaching carousel on the final weekend of two thousand eighteen we had to coaching openings pop up in the in Miami and the university of Houston we enter twenty nineteen with two coaching openings at temple in West Virginia. That's because Miami brought that their defensive coordinator Manny Diaz who had taken the temple job three weeks ago. You replaces Mark richt who retired on Sunday and yesterday Houston agreed to hire Dana Holger Sohn from the mountaineers to replace major Applewhite who was fired on Sunday night. Alderson was the Cougars offensive coordinator ten years ago NFL. L playoffs this weekend. The wild card weekend starts on Saturday with the colts that the Texans then the Seahawks and the Cowboys Sunday. It'll be the chargers at the ravens and the eagles at the bears in the NBA on New Year's day. Seventy Sixers thank the clippers one thousand nine hundred thirteen Joel Embiid twenty eight points in one thousand nine rebounds, his thirty second double double of the season. That's Thompson the association blazers burn the kings one thirteen one zero eight in overtime bucks buried the pistons one Twenty-one ninety eight and a walkie best record in the NBA nuggets knocked off the next one fifteen one away to triple double for Nikola Yokich, nineteen points, fourteen rebounds, fifteen assist they have the top record in the Western Conference and the rep doors bought the jazz one twenty to one sixteen forty five for Kawhi Leonard his career-best and his next game is going to be against his old team in San Antonio NHL on Tuesday. The Bruins beat the Blackhawks four to in the winter classic at Notre Dame stadium. David Pasternak had a goal and assist. Took arrest made thirty six Asian had Notre Dame's iconic play like a champion sign. Painted on the back of his helmet that will go up the echoes predators. Like the flyers four nothing. Goldeneye shut out the king. To nothing and in baseball early this morning. Yankees reportedly agreed to a deal with veteran infielder. Troy, whiskey who missed all of two thousand eighteen after surgery on both heels he comes cheap to the Yankees because Toronto is still on the hook for his twenty million dollar contract. That's Wednesday sports. Thanks, Robert H eight till the hour coming up on America in.

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