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Glad to be with you. Glad you are with us, if nothing else. I'm here to turn off this Dodger celebration that's been being played. In the Bay Area for the last half hour. That's about enough. Add. Okay. All right. Glad we had that little conversation. Guess what we're going to talk about tonight. The 40 Niners. That's what We're gonna talk about the 40 Niner. Now we are going talks in baseball, but Matt Barrows with the athletic is going to jump on Mike Tin ear. Pro football news is going to come on. It's NFL season. It's NFL season. It's NFL season and I won't hear anything else. All right. We'll get to those guys in a little bit. We'll take you up to 11 o'clock tonight are 1988 fun is over. And I know ah lot of us self included. We want to use asterisks. And we want to say things like and the kind of won the world Siri's. But there's all of a sudden, Ah lot going on tonight, and it's not just That the Dodgers have won the 2020 world. Siri's Analytics is front and center and under attack and If you turn the game off when it ended, you've missed a huge story that has broken since the end of the game. In the Justin Turner third baseman for the Dodgers, who was pulled in the eighth inning. It has come to light. He was pulled because of a positive cove in 19 test. I know right? Crazy. So all kinds of questions terms of when did this test result? Come in. When were the Dodgers notified? How did this end up happening to where he's out there playing in the game? And what would have happened Had we known before the game and what would have happened if there was a game seven and Would we have all handled it the way we did if this were a regular season game Or would everybody have just stopped the game right then and gone home? There's all kinds of questions we'll get into all of it. Above all eight await, Can br. I really want to hear from you tonight after everything that has unfolded, and in fact So many of us here in the Bay Area and beyond. We've got Dodger fan friends. Dodger fan families. We don't like them as much is as our non Dodger fan, friends and family. I understand that, but but What are you going to say to them or have you already said it? Right. Did you just like, send a middle finger Emoji? Did you just send it asked. Risk, or are you big enough for calm enough to just kind of be like? Hey, congrats, You know, sort of, or whatever, like I'd love to know. Like, what is that interaction gonna be like, so we can get into that? At at 808 can be R before we get started. I want to start on the analytic stuff. Here is our our song of the day. Rob, Go ahead.

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