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Mystery in dearborn involving bones found data construction site dearborn lease called out to the old post bar on michigan avenue near monroe street after workers found the bones while digging at the sites contractor involved in the project says crews were digging to put in a drain when they found the human bones in a box work has stopped while police conduct an investigation and local mom historian and author says the post bar in dearborn has an interesting history scott bernstein says it was co owned by freddie giordano giordano was indicted in nineteen ninetythree on accusations that he put out a contract our contract on strip club tycoon l markowitz but bernstein says he was acquitted of the charges and he doesn't believe there are related to the discovery they'd probably date back fifty or sixty years and it has nothing to do with more current incarnation of the post bar at that site but you know who knows bernstein says he doubts jimmy hoffa would be buried under a restaurant in dearborn but adds you'd never know w w j news time one away with traffic and weather together on the eighth and tracy's 696 has certainly been a busy spot here today continues even though we do have some good news because the accident that we've been watching their the rollover has cleared along westbound six ninety six woodward but still keeping an eye on a moving work crew westbound six six from greenfield to orchard lake the right lanes remain closed as well through the triple a jam cams watching the right lane closure westbound six ninety six of the exit there to southfield road also the work continues eastbound six ninety six at drake now over to westbound i ninety four the blue water bridge and earlier accident blocking the left lane remains there you have delays coming into the us and another accident here westbound i ninety six of the davison right shoulder blocked on the entrance ramp and the.

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