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Inside the theater i just wanna went in the theater i get wasn't me letter the mystery was there was like one of the mystery dinners santa guessing earth like gop kalou of the deuce clearly blue apron let me talk about blue apron for a second which by the way if you were to kind of miles you would see at least today the avenue blue apron came today thursday avenue blew up in the game and there are lots of midnight menu items you can pick i put on this will be superior that have some that i've tried that really good the and this is the name of it because i wouldn't call of this hour to say hey the port of the vegetables but there's something called sheet pan roasted pork with fall vegetables and creeping in creepy and creamy maple mustered like i had that and it was really go alcohol pork in the vegetables is also clement eating totally different switched on my diet the dragani shakes to and actually full before events are eating and southerners are eating and i'm like i'm solve all but there's this big to latvia with creamy kale it's good blue apron as treating anybody listen to the bobby cash right now to the first dinnerthirty dollars value if you visit blue aproncombobby guest such a gap between you get thirty dollars off shipping blue aproncombobby guest blue apron is a better way to cook and also i'm not saying all this stuff sifo sorry for anybody at all like i don't gone which was are me i'm doing just fine and i and i do this stuff our lose money because i love it and a lot of meeting our listeners and so i just when you see these numbers i think holding about this podcast is kind of a behind the scenes look at it so when you even look grind mcginn eight million bucks for this dongo management omega three point one and later.

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