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Enormous and you you you're there you watch these games i realized philly had the pitchers who threw ninety five plus but what is it with the strike outs you know he's supposed to shorten up hit the ball somewhere what's going on well i don't think they're shortening up and then a few of them have admitted that evan longoria said he's not giving in with a to strike approach he wants to be able to hit a double or he wants to be able to make contact for the sake of doing damage they're not interested in making contact just to ground out measly those to the right side of the infield as opposed to striking out there up there to hack into get their swings in that can help move things along and i think when you see a few strikeout start to add up i it's become contagious because guys are pressing at the plate much like they were at the very beginning of the season and so they're willing to chase outside of the strike zone and it's just led to a very bad week and if the worst possible time when the pitcher's needed the lineup to step up neither has really been there for them but this is a veteran team you know this is austin jackson you know crawford you got belt you've got home leave for instance he's had a terrible trip you've got posey these are guys who should know they i mean that's my point with this offense these are guys who've been there before they didn't just come in yesterday and say gee throw fastballs in the big lakes and i can't help but wonder if it's you know how this group is adapting to the new school ideology where small ball is being minimized and you're being asked to take more uppercuts and lift the ball in the air and beat defenses and we saw a few times in philadelphia where the giants hit the ball hard and the phillies were just position perfectly defensively and last night brandon belt evan longoria both hit fly balls deep to left center field but that's where the pirate outfield is shaded and so the giants just haven't seemed to figure out how to make this new approach work and when you're not succeeding in that approach and you're not willing to go to small ball it's going to lead to.

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