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I it's not funny i have a small dog now i why do people want to have a five and a half foot lizard is a pet because they want to be the lizard guy yeah you can put it on a leash walking around remember joshua the snake because he wanted to be a snake guy didn't have personality guy and it of you like snakes i madam guy tshirt that said an arrow pointing to your head saying vagina repellent i've got a snake you act as though i was really proud of my snake guy okay well the studio handsome man is a handsome massaging chick jimmy pardo is here i will he's wearing the tom brady haircut nice high and tight tight comedian jimmy carter was just entered the building hello there oh would you say hello darryl jimmy like this he he likes the great marty allan and steve wright jimmy likes the classic comedians the greats i don't know if you heard about this but one of the one of the greats died just a few weeks ago mardi allergy lose martin member allen and rossi sheriff joe fast and once a magnolia boulevard in north hollywood california you still had the hair you know he was talking to the avery schreiber the two of them are having a conversation mills imagine those two heads a hair i'm driving down magnolia i was like hey that's only two guys in the sixties other than albert einstein still alive that had that kind of hair.

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