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I think it's a question politics. I don't think it's about the substance of the Bill at all. I don't think the Senate has the votes to pass the Bill period. Lawmakers say they're going to continue trying to come up with legislation that will pass ahead of the summer. The Bill would legalize the recreational use of pot for people who are twenty one and older. The legislative session ends on June nineteenth, Terry, McCreary NBC News Radio. Oh, I will say is still debating the issue of legalizing recreational marijuana. One local town is making preparations Clifton Parktown board is establishing a committee to examine the potential affects of a recreational marijuana program and to consider potential zoning issues according to a statement from the town, there committee is comprised of the Saratoga county sheriff, the district attorney, a Representative from Hsien as well as members of the local student population and medical professions. Diane DeNardo, NewsRadio eight ten and one of three one WG winds common council passed to non binding resolutions on Monday, calling for the legalization of recreational marijuana and the records of those convicted for misdemeanor marijuana charges to be. Expunged. W. G. Y morning news time, eight oh two with just over a week to go before the legislature adjourns and goes home for the summer number of high profile issues, have yet to be decided, including sports betting, and the question of driver's licenses for illegal immigrants. But governor Cuomo has other things in mind. He wants lawmakers to. S four separate measures dealing with women's rights, including the equal rights amendments, which the governor says we've been arguing about for nearly fifty years, New York state. Right now in the constitution does not guarantee equal rights on the basis of sex. I mean, when you think about it that is unconscionable with all the progress, we've made governor also wants lawmakers to make it easier for women to bring sexual harassment charges pass pay equity measures and extend the statute of limitation on certain rape cases, lease six people were left homeless after fire damaged a two story. Apartment building in Rotterdam junction on Monday afternoon. Fire officials say it took several hours to bring it under control because of high winds and the buildings subdivided interior to firefighters suffered minor injuries. The building said to be a total loss. We now know how much it will cost a tear down the old Leonard hospital, building in the Lansing Berg section of joy times union is reporting it'll cost taxpayers, one point. Six million dollars for the demolition of the decrepit building said he has a war to contracts for one point eight five million dollars for the demolition work and for his best OSA Bateman work should begin later this summer continue into the fall..

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