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Joining Singapore. The ship is paying us to get home so they will not reimburse us for our last purchase ticket. I hope to get home in Silver Spring to listen to the podcast before the march madness boring week. Actually that week would be perfect for this cruise happened in other pitchers and catches are reported. So so these ports are not letting these ships in the ships are anchoring a half mile out at sea or if you let you in like in. Yokohama you never get off the boat right until you get the virus. It's what are you doing? That doesn't this seem wrong. On every level there should be a better solution thankfully. I think they were able to disembark this this. I Hope Simpson Alex from Harrisburg Pennsylvania. Can we have james more off on more often? Maybe PICK THE PRIMARIES BASEBALL GAME. Something anything that will give us more stuff like just loves CARVILLE. Everybody loves carbon. Tell right don't do the whole quote. Well see I guess Bernie called Carville Political Hack and Carville was happy happy to be considered political accident. At least it's not a communist. Colorfully Happy Conscience in West Bloomfield Michigan. When the Honda driver told he's using the get around APP. You should have mentioned. That apple is inspired by Brian. Wilson and Mike love and offer the silicon old guy radio t shirts. Something consider the next time you confront driver at the crack adorn way before dawn kids from Jake Erdman's and Gilbert Arizona solution to your problem simple rent the car indefinite Lingo Park in the parking ramp. That doesn't accept cash. I have thought about this. I thought about just renting and myself. Yeah from Romsey in Arlington. There's a car-sharing APP get around. We can other people's cars by the hour. I don't know exactly where Mr Tony Lives. But here's a silver Honda available for rent near Friendship Heights. It's only forty dollars and fifty three cents for an eight hour rental. What a steal an any rights? I was a day behind on the podcast when they sent to see me just caught up now. And Wow the stones on Tony. Just walk up to the car and knock on the window. Got Onions tremendous mistake actually from Microsoft. I've been a little for long enough to be a little. I've had the good fortune to get a chance to become a minor league yodeler on my employers online. Tv show. I've listened to hundreds of hours on this show. I listen I pay attention and I must thank you for guerrilla PhD in Yodel. They asked me which they I'd prefer from my once weekly appearance. I said Thursday because you taught me how in the Thursday show is thanks for putting in a solid four day week during the non summer months. Please do not look at my email address and use my name on the pot. Sure if you're out on you by tide. Everyone always do wear white. I Hate Pumpkins.

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