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Um and people really feel like she's a daughter of scranton and of course she is play that up throughout her career and throughout uh her husband bills career as one of her home towns and in the end she did win left lana county which is to county scranton that is is saying but she did not win it by very large margins she wanted the quake um flynn the margins much slimmer than anyone ever thought and then all the counties around including the county that um the sister city wilkes barre is and um you know trump wants yeah settlers this this is quite shocking to a lot of the locals here especially the democratic operative set uh trump could do so well and in the heavily you know hillary clinton area yeah i think that to mean there was like a forty point cewang maybe it was higher in lackawanna county away and a a president obama won those counties uh one lackawanna kelly ann an luzerne county and other and cut a uh by by healthy margin ccr slim slim win in two thousand innate in two thousand and twelve you saw that slip away a little bit uh you saw a in it more so in luzerne uh but also and lackawanna you saw it slip away and luzerne i mean that that was huge i'm i saw that come in july a new drove if you droves drew's earn county i'm i mean they had cows painted with the words trump on the side at exit it was everywhere and and people kept dismissing it as anecdotal but there was like a sixty points swing in that county wasn't it.

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