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And it's a fixed rate it's highway robbery and architects between the the the politicians or the like the head of you know and and the union the older union members with both in their conspiring against the tax payers and future god bless you work hard you don't have that at boston university do you love that at boston university you're lucky with the tiaa right teachers work very hard but what i'm talking about is over teachers ripping off younger teachers now i know what you mean okay so folks here's the point of view of the tda the trs if you have a four ruby ira you could be building a tax albatross to your heirs which is what the caller was alluding to rick worthington said hey i want to do a roth a far better solution sometimes is you take the arm d out the rnd buys life insurance and when you die your heirs can roth it and then the death benefit pays the tax doing the wrong because you've you roth while you're live you're going to be paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes when or you do what's called the strategic roll out where you take a little bit every year she'd take fifty grand you're out in roth it not the whole lump sum so give us a call eight eight eight hundred a josh eight eight nine and a josh get the noobligation what to do with my tax deferred review and this also would apply to annuities because their tax deferred if you have an annuity death benefit that's taxable as well so call us now eight eight nine.

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