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Time talking through throughout but with respect to the actual writing we were never know sitting at the table together with our laptops back to back You know like playing game of battleship we we we You know. I think a lot of people imagine doing that but really we would. One person would start with a handful of chapters and then The other person and then we would go back and forth And make changes until we were both happy. You know sometimes sometimes very calm discussions about why Why certain choices were made. And you know sometimes A little more heated. But in the end you know we We would figure it out and That is the process that works really well for us and so being not you know not living in the same place anymore. Our process actually hasn't changed you know instead of having conversations in the same room were having them via text or over the phone and but we're both still going off and writing separately. You're you're both fans of the last starfighter. It's an interesting movie. I remember it very well. The thing that stood out to me about that movie was dan. O.'hurley he's grigg he was you know essentially wearing this mask and yet he was able to evoke these emotions and i was totally impressed by his performance and normally we used to seeing him as a bad guy in particular robocop. But he's not a bad guy in this and also it was one of the really first films that was experimenting with computer graphics. Yup by today's standards. I mean somebody in their own home can do a better job but At the time. I thought it was It was bold and i appreciated them doing that. What what are your feelings on on this movie. I'm curious and going you can kick it off. I remember seeing that movie in the theater And being absolutely blown away by it. And i think it was the first film that used computer generated graphics the way that in and.

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