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Here's what's happening around the state on Sacramento's news 93.1 kfbk first Latino to serve on California Supreme Court Instead. Cruise, Reno said, died Friday at 90 years old. He received the presidential Medal of Freedom for former President Clinton in 2000 and served for years of the UC Davis School of Law. Reno's who was the son of migrant farm workers, and he became one of the leaders and civil rights law. His cause of death is currently unknown. Four people are injured after a nightclub shooting and Citrus heights. Police say they received a call around 1:25 A.m.. Yesterday when officers arrived, there were several fights happening. All wounded victims are receiving medical treatment and are expected to survive. Detectives think the motive could have to do with gang involvement in her actively investigating near critical fire weather conditions for parts the Bay Area or prompting red flag warnings this weekend. The National Weather Service says warnings have been issued for the North and East Bay Hills as well as the East Bay interior valleys until six a.m. Monday. This is the Bay Area's first red flag of the season. I'm Jodi Guerrero. Now. Sacramento traffic checking kfbk traffic in the Sierra Highway for a shutdown during winter between 207 at Mount Reba to 89 at em. It's past then Davis West found 80 You have the All of Dr Off Ramp closed. You can't exit there because of bridgework taking place. And that's going to continue until December eight. So make sure to find a different place to exit in the Willows area. I five both directions at the willow Safety Rest area. It is shut down. You have sewer work taking place there until December, 31st and in the Sierra westbound 80 at the California Nevada state line, the roadways reduced to one lane. All.

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