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Don't forget tomorrow morning, Chris Black Adam of dollars from eight until 10 and I'll be back in 10 until 12 with Mark Xander and we'll be here talking. Plenty of things. See how see if there's anybody else. We haven't talked about Moncada at all today, but apparently he and Jose Ruiz are On the injured list Well on the injured list, But there the two guys, apparently there That are tested positive. Well with I mean by by process of elimination by logical deduction. Yeah, it seems likely That the we were made aware that the white sex had two players test positive for covert 19. And we also then learned the other day yesterday that your Moncada and Jose Reyes, we're both placed on the injured list and didn't specify Ricky Renteria has never specified Why Johann Moncada, it is this weird. Dance that I know specifically reporters who cover the white sacks have kind of danced around because I've talked to now I've talked to Scott Merkin. James Vegan. Chuck are fine, right? And I know they're doing the stance where they're not going to identify. You know, they're not even going to speculate which I understand. But there They asked. You know that players want some players who choose to keep it private. It's well within their rights. Yes. So I understand that, but I also find it odd that It's almost Like, what else are we to believe? You know, I mean, like in that regard, and I guess I don't think I personally don't have any type of Negative feelings toward someone who test positive and I don't either. Certainly without Out of your realm of you know what you can control. And the thing is, we saw Moncada about a week and 1/2 2 weeks ago on a resume conference. Yes. Talking. Yes, point started solving that actually leads you to believe that also, But You all Dang people. Remember Lou all Dang, for many reasons among them he had a serious Injury. Yes, multiple injuries when he was a member of the Bulls. Yes, but he came back into the news this week because in an instagram live interview with Carroll Shabalala, I believe it's Shabalala. That sounds right. She Yeah, she did. An instagram like was an hour and 1/2. I watched For most of it, if not, you know, And it was an hour and 1/2 conversation with Lou Welding, and they covered a lot of topics, including his time areas with the Bulls. Yeah, and his time here and he had hoped to be here longer. And then bad things happen. And he wasn't here and he talked about me. Hey, was candid critical of the Bulls front office kind of screwed up the team they had before you get into the one thing because I think we're gonna have a conversation about this is who specifically Is the welding criticizing. I think we're going to have to cuts. Here's the 1st 1 You're about to the front office one. We're gonna have to try and decipher what he means here and I was playing when I got traded. I remember I felt betrayed. Ah, you know, in a way because The guy who traded me obviously ruined TV on. I don't mind saying that now, I would never speak of him as a person, but just, you know the decisions that he's made. Because it changed the whole course of what we were trying to do. You know when Derek got hurt? We really felt that we're gonna win a championship. But when he broke up the team, you just feel hurt because we we became so close of the team, but we had a mission on that was to wait for Gary to get healthy and go at it again. But he decided to just break up the team, which you know When I when I left to another team, that's when I really started. You know, being somewhere different on. I'm lucky that I got 10 years, so he's not happy. He's not happy. They decided to break up the team. And he said, specifically. The guy who traded me ruin the team. When he broke up the team. He decided to break up the team. He used he and never mentioned the name right, right. That's so Okay. And so I think a lot of people based on the fact there was a follow up conversation in which he does name a name, and I think a lot of people assumes That Lou all Deng was talking about Gar Forman because he mentions him by name in the second cut. But now listen to this. And I, just with all these preface is, I'm wondering. He chooses named Gar Forman. And this next cut, we're gonna play, but he doesn't name him when he talks about breaking up the team. I think he actually said in the first car. We just heard, he said. He said I wouldn't say anything that get about him personally. Correct. And then he goes off and talks about her colleague are asked him to Take less money the year before the contract, Me and Tibbs went in, and we talk Tio Gar Forman At the time was the G M. And we said, You know, I want to sign right now before the three agency comes up on other people for money. And you know a time he said. I was I was 27 28. He told me to take another team discount. Ah! And I remember saying, Why would I take another team discount like you know, why's there discount again? You know, because this is where I was all star. So he said, You know, we want you to take a team discounts. I was like, Okay. What's that? This guy? He didn't discuss anything on at the time. You know, it didn't make sense for my career and where I'm at the best of my career. So Tibbs was upset and tips kept telling him sign new..

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