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This is not a threat. It's simply not a good investment without the changes that need to be made. And those changes won't happen without taking the company private. Back to Bloomberg, quote, the $54 20 cents per share offer is quote too low for shareholders or the board to accept, said vital knowledge is Adam Christopher Lee in a report adding that the company's shares hit $70 a share less than a year ago. Although Musk is the world's richest person, how he will find $53 billion in cash has yet to be revealed, quote, this becomes a hostile takeover offer which is going to cost a serious amount of cash, said Neil campling head of TMT research at mirabad equity research. He will have to sell a decent piece of Tesla stock to fund it or a massive loan against it. There will be a host of questions around financing. Regulatory, bouncing Musk's time, Tesla, SpaceX in the coming days, said Dan Ives analyst at Webb bush. But ultimately, based on this filing, it is a now or never bid for Twitter to accept. Yeah, that's the thing. Never forget that billionaires like Musk, sure, they're billionaires. Sure, they've sold some of the stock that makes them billionaires to be somewhat liquid to do things like buy yachts and stuff like that. But most of Elon's wealth is still in the form of Tesla and other stock. He'd have to sell a large portion of that to raise this amount of cash. Although there are hints that private equity firms might be circling to help him do that. If that's what he wants to do, I was talking to ranjan Roy about this on Twitter this morning. And you know, Ron John is from Wall Street. He's on CNBC all the time, so he knows more about this than I do, and he said to me, quote, would love to see any big reputable firm put their name on this and already laughing that Morgan Stanley got listed as the adviser end quote. Here are some other Wall Street types Ben Carlson on Twitter quote. Here's where I am right now. 12% chance he actually buys Twitter. 48% chance he's low balling as an excuse to get out of his position. 40% chance things just get weirder from here end quote. Matt Levine, whose newsletter, today will, once again, be a must read for basically everyone, quote. At the risk of taking this too seriously, I will say it's kind of weird for the richest man in the world to say, this is the public square, and I will take it private end quote. And then my favorite hedge fund manager, at least in terms of I trust his opinions on things. Eric Jackson tweeted, quote, Dan Ives says no one would want to come close to Elon's $54 20 cent per share offer. 52 week high for Twitter is $73, 34 cents. Though back when Salesforce was considering buying Twitter in 2016, it traded at around $23 a share. Longtime listeners will know my long-standing biggest nightmare fear. It has something to do with this. U.S. government agencies are warning of new custom tools created by several APT actors that they say are capable of compromising IT equipment used in critical infrastructure. Quoting the record. In an alert released on Wednesday, the Department of Energy, the cybersecurity and infrastructure security agency, the National Security Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, warned critical infrastructure operators of potential attacks targeting multiple industrial control systems or ICS and supervisory control and data acquisition devices. The alert said the tools used in the attacks were designed specifically for Schneider electric programmable logic controllers, PLCs. Also, omron sysma, NEX PLCs, and open platform communications unified architecture servers..

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