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Doj So normally a prosecutor these awards an FBI agent somebody. WHO's really helped with a case that has been a landmark case for the justice. This department in these awards are extremely revered. I think what's interesting here and a way to tie what's happening with this award ceremony next month and what we're seeing with. Andrew McCabe case is the people have been worrying that the Justice Department has become extremely politicized. The Justice Department is working in order to please president trump now whether or not that's true crew. Neither of these things do a very good job of dissuading people from that notion. Cynthia is just as as a DOJ veteran. Is this just another norm to fall. It just makes you sick to your stomach. I I don't know what to say. I love the Justice Department and it's just not the Justice Department that I love anymore four and and Katie so much nicer than I am. People are worried about it becoming politicized. It is completely politicized. It is this Andrew McCabe. K. Prosecution is completely politicized. Tonight's response on the grand jury evidence that should be with the house is completely politicized. BAR GOING TO TRUMP's spinning thirty thousand dollars is completely politicized. There's nothing normal about this justice department and I don't know no if we can get it back. I get so depressed when I think about what's happened to the Justice Department and ponder what how I used to love to just look at that statue Robert Kennedy and be so a proud to be there and now it's it's a disgrace. Both Katie and Cynthia have agreed to stay with us over this break and coming up when our conversation continues was a lawsuit against the president resurrected given new life today. It's about something Cynthia just referenced more on that. When we come back you guys benefiting financially from the president. It's ridiculous. I mean first of all. He's not involved at all with someone cheeseburger at the trump hotel. It's it's Asinine and you've seen that you've seen where the emoluments suits have gone there just trying the amount of incoming he's taken but really the family and the business anything in a desperate sprit attempt to stop him president's favourite morning program those comments from the president's eldest son came at the same time a federal appeals court revived a lawsuit involving the president and his aforementioned properties the suit filed by the group called crew citizens for responsibility and ethics in Washington and claims that trump is illegally profiting from foreign officials who do business as DC hotel second circuit of the Federal Government Court today said read the complaint is valid and rejected a previous court ruling to dismiss the case Secretary of State. Mike pompeo was at trump's. DC The hotel today couldn't resist taking a shot at the media. I look around. This is such a beautiful hotel. The Guy who owns it must be going to be successful somewhere along the way that was for the Washington Post in case in the back. Okay all of this also comes as we learn more details tales about those military stopovers that trump's hotel in Scotland politico reporting today the US Air Force has lodged lodged crews at President Donald Trump Scotland outlined resort up to forty times since two thousand fifteen a figure that is far higher than previously known all of this is also the subject of an ongoing ongoing Congressional Investigation Katie Benner Cynthia Oxen. He remained with us before we resume our conversation. Let's listen to the executive director of crew on this topic of emoluments. Your monuments clauses of the constitution were not household names. It was not something that most people knew about because presidents just followed them. Presidents didn't try to keep global businesses going while they were serving they didn't take money from the federal government and the states and foreign governments while in office they they just followed the law okay Cynthia so we have all learned. A lesson in this emoluments are not an ingredient in handcream. They are in fact aspects of very basic constitutional law. The question to you becomes uh-huh. Why are these cases proving so hard to prove well they alert. They aren't being hard approved. We aren't even getting to that point. The the cases are all being hung up on the question of standing on who really gets to do the challenge so the second circuit case was dismissed and now it's it. One of two things will happen to it either. It will go back to begin the discovery process which I have to say. We'll be fascinating. I would do anything to help in that world. They'll find out who spending spending what money in different hotels and restaurants and that discovery process would be fascinating or the White House could stall and take it up to the full second second circuit which seems on brand for them as my children would say that's on brand. They stole everything so that those are the two options for the second circuit case but there's two more cases out there also on the standing issue about who gets to sue they have conflicting results results and so what's likely to happen at some point is the supreme court will decide who really gets to sue when the president is taking all this money from in foreign people through his businesses. Katie as you've pointed out time and time again completely uncharted territory as Mr Bookbinder just said the the apartment you cover the attorney general has already booked the trump hotel for the annual holiday party for DOJ. You've compared this to kind of the legal version of Russia if you're listening because this is happening in plain sight correct yes absolutely and so the process it's Cynthia anthea. Just described is the process that we believe in right. It's our core process and hopefully with this amount of deliberation this much careful effort this much back and forth will come to a final final decision that we can work with as a standard going forward that we can agree upon and we think is fair now. The problem here too is that president trump and his family moved much more quickly quickly than the courts. Do they would move much more quickly than law enforcement does and so what we're seeing is. We're seeing them set enorm-. We're seeing them set what is acceptable. Will they are changing what the public will bear with the public except we see that in Pompeo's joke and so by the time the courts do finally rule no matter how that ruling comes out of course I will be impactful and of course we'll be very important but it's hard to deny that we as a public and as a country will not have changed in a way that significantly could impact how much we care about that ruling Cynthia. What an important point Katie just made the first family moves faster than law enforcement right well? That's the problem is they have figured out at the name of the game is stall and it's working for them. I mean it's working in these cases. It's working in not turning over tax returns. It's working in improperly happily claiming executive privilege. It's working in not turning over the documents from the Department of Defense about these staying the stays over in Scotland. It works for them because our system of justice moves slowly and at some point we will all gonna come but it may be long after he's president by the time we get all this information so what's going to happen is once we get it and we realized that he's broken. All the norms Congress Congress is going to have to pass actually do their job and passed some laws that say that that that frame exactly what the president can't do because the emoluments arguments clauses to a moment's clauses in the constitution and there are a little vague but there they don't spell it out in a way that can be quickly enforced by the trump's on the trumps of the world and so we're going to need actual very specific language institutes that tells us exactly what the president can and cannot do in terms of a business while he or she I hope soon is the President United States Okay and of course when I hear Congress legally bound to invoke the phrase what could go wrong our thanks to these two guests tonight for both the journalism and the law aw of what we're watching before us to Katie Benner to Cynthia alchemy thank you both for joining us on a Friday night and coming up for our broadcast tonight from cancelled sold meeting with the Taliban to the ousting of another national security adviser a recap of trump's chaotic week on the world stage from a Guy Guy who covers the world stage. I think he's fantastic but I actually spoke to Mike Mike pompeo about that. He likes the idea of having somebody in there with them and I do too. We have fifteen candidates. Everybody wants it badly as you can imagine and and we'll probably next week sometime make that decision. It's a great job. It's great because it's a lot of fun to work with. Donald Trump and it's very easy actually to work. Would you know why it's easy because I make all the decisions already. The president now needs to find a national security advisor the third person to hold that job John Bolton who the president wants called Mike Bolton as trump prepares to meet world leaders at the UN General Assembly next week the US is facing several several foreign policy challenges for example. Taliban leaders were due to arrive as house guests at Camp David before the President Nixed that idea president continues to send conflicting messages on Tariffs with China now says he's open to an interim trade deal of some sort he also seems open to another meeting with Kim Jong UN of North Korea. Even as the Treasury Department imposes new sanctions to punish North Korean computer hackers so to sort it all out with US tonight. Christopher dickey a veteran foreign correspondent journalist author. He is the Paris based World News editor for the daily beast who happens to be with us here in New York tonight and just in case as people don't recognize you. I have something prepared for people as we normally see you. There is the Schanzle Liza Christopher dickey tonight. We're getting the New York Art Christopher dickey. What a treat to have you. It's my pleasure. I have to start on the darkest note. Tell the good people watching at home what you said to me about democracy in the break. Oh I think I think I think in the United States I think in Great Britain and across Europe to some extent. We're seeing the death of democracy. We're seeing the rise of what is calling itself. Populism realism claims to speak in the name of the people but in fact is destroying the basic institutions of Republicans smaller Republican government when the history books are written a that is one of the more chilling things said at this table be when the history books are written how much credit or blame will Mr Putin. Get get well either. He's very lucky or very skilled in the nippy relating this situation or both I think both I think he's been he's benefited from characters like Boris Johnson. I don't think Boris Johnson's necessarily working for Putin. I think he's definitely benefited from the election of Donald Trump he's benefited from the.

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