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Different territories and the treasury is going to be exchanged between the both of us because the glory of a king is one of the glory of king is the abundance a how big is his treasury room that's why we don't have the right to curious spirit of poverty or spirit of an orphan because when a kingdom is really being being lived out all is left at the end of the day is extravagant abundance it has nothing to do with trying to get the money it's the byproduct of being something priceless and everything comes to you for value so that in itself is a big statement however when you have two kings in the same territory we're calling territory called earth on the fear call earth a territory that you've been designed to over it's not all where does the budget kings look at each other and regathering church insane oh yeah this is this is all the kings this is this is illegal no it's legal because in the king's protocol you always bring a gift wbt is always the exchange of wealth when we meet we should be as the wiseman did they brought things of value to a king they're going to give the abundance of what they are to another king there were there are things that we needed understand the protocol the reason we have such a hard time with this is because we ended democracy we're not we raised democracy we don't raise it a kingdom so we we question everything about the protocol but you unwind you understand the movement of it is extremely powerful that also it also gives you the privilege to understand that we don't take in consideration we pray for money rather than being from a kingdom where you're being supplied from kingdom that has lots of money we don't have money for taxes jesus when we ended do all my own my what we get to do any kind of i could see him looking like are you kidding me i have a treasury room it's not of this realm you are still.

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