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I don't advise people to go that route. You know I say try to make with some living a little dangerous well. It's you know. Do you want to take the risk of going into business in knowing hey I don't have any federal trademark protection for at least five years and maybe forever because it's pretty high standard to prove that acquired a senior and it's not just they're not handing out those trademarks rate <hes> so nowadays. I really urge people you know think hard hard and if you have to hire someone to help you come up with the name hire someone you know by the way it's not me but the names people are always like we'll need an Mike. When did I become a branding person <hes> I can? I can make introductions but that's that's not me you know hire someone that really knows you know branding and and come up with something really awesome okay so now what I have I have this t shirt company and I know that it's trademarked and we've done all of our due diligence and we're good to go now. I've always heard this term policing. So how do I maintain and make sure that my trademark is actually the not are being utilized by someone else. Okay so a lot of people have this misconception that okay great. I have my trademark certificate. I'm done Yeah No. It's not a Senate here not done one of the <hes> responsibilities of a trademark owner is to police there mark okay so what that means is that you need to be out on the look for infringers if you know that people are using. Is Your trademark and you kind of sit on the sideline. An argument could be made that you have abandoned your rights in that mark so kind. Of How long is that like. What is the duration? What if you don't even know that they're you know I'm I'm saying if you have knowledge if you really have no knowledge but you also have to kind of take kind of you know reasonable measures like someone who knows but doesn't want to have to pay the capital to go after them is is kind of what you're saying that they have knowledge but they don't want to save their okay? I see them but they're over there in this other state and you know maybe they're not doing that much. I know you've got a seven of a cease and desist you. GotTa tell them to stop. Stop because that small company today could be. Could you huge tomorrow and the kind of couple strategies you can use one of them is using like Google Edwards track it yeah to track on exactly yeah and then another thing that you can do is you can request a service where third party company <hes> Ice Tea <hes> Compu- mark for this will literally send you a report each month of anything that's been filed and you can pick which jurisdictions you can pick the U._S.. You can pick you know foreign territories. I had a company that they were really big. In Asia. We searched Japan Korea China couple country in every come up with a report for you every month every month and then I would go through that report and I'd say hey this one looks excellent kind of similar to ours doing something that is closely related to what we're doing. I think we should send them a cease and desist letter and that's you know that's not something that <hes> I think should be we looked at that. That's <hes> <hes> you know a <hes> company at a cost that you know it's it's it's good value right <hes> and it's a lot cheaper to catch these these folks when they're just in the process of getting their trademark because then people are more likely to change it right because if I'm catching someone when they just filed <hes> you know they haven't invested two or three years in it and they're more likely to change it yeah. It makes sense so Paul. Do we have a break coming up that we need to cut out four row choirs. We've only got about five minutes left. The show you guys are covering so much ground yeah well. Let's just keep on going perfect. Thank you so much for letting us know okay so just because of time <hes> I WANNA make sure. Is there anything else that you want to make sure that the audience needs to know about trademarks tips for our implementation or how to maintain them or some stories that you feel like that invaluable through your process. Well I mean I you know there's one kind of situation that happened recently. They is I think going to be more common in the future so I have a client that we got their trademark registration. They were very happy <hes> and <hes> we got an email that somebody <hes> said hey. Are you guys you know the Mike Client just <hes> for background there. They are in real estate <hes> but they don't do real estate financing. They do something completely different in Real Estate Guy <hes> they said the they got any musset hair you guys financing real estate deals now and and my client said No. Why are you asking oh well? We just got a term sheet <hes> where you know. This company said that they could <hes> finance this project in Santa Barbara but they needed an. Up Front fee and yeah. I thought that it was your logo in the corner. It looked just like your logo so so my client said. Can you send that to me so I can see what your timeout Lo and behold the company had almost the exact that same name they use the same font they use the same <hes> color. It was a hue of blue. It was like nearly identical in a logo the name the non is the same it was very similar. I mean I was even confused. I file <hes> we did some research on them and we found out that this was a new company that had just been opened the principle of that company had opened three other companies prior to that and what would he would do is every year kind of form a new l._l._c. Um and basically you know his website. He had literally taken language from my clients website and put it on hit on their website wow so they were basically trying to mislead people into thinking that they're my client now because we had their trademark registration I filed what's called a you d._R._p.. A uniform domain name dispute resolution proceeding with Wipro there the World Intellectual Property Operative Organization came and I wrote a complaint I showed the bad faith I gave them a copy of their website our website our logo their logo and of course they saw yes. These people are acting in bad faith. We're going to take down their website so we were literally early able to shut these people down. Take down their website and protect my clients reputation so you know if if they yeah it was I mean it was it's unbelievable. This stuff is happening literally every day. Now there's so many scam artists and without that registration. You really don't have really a lot that you can do to take them down so this is like your protection in your security for your company it it really is yeah. That's great so you know a couple of things I want to ask you and then before we are done with show is how do people find you well. I <hes> I'm a partner at one L._p.. Our website is W._W._w.. DOT ONE L L P dot com <hes> you can google call me and and <hes> you know the website should pop up Nina Mary <hes> and I you know I don't charge for initial consultation so if you have some general questions I'm happy to answer them and <hes> yeah I I love working with new <hes> Company startups <hes> serial entrepreneurs <hes> women entrepreneurs <hes> everybody so great. We asked us to every person that comes in here. That's a guest so what is your ultimate lesson learned and it could be in business. It could be in life. This is my rule in business yeah <hes> I don't want you as a client or as a business partner unless <music> I would have breakfast lunch dinner drinks with you. I don't like you enough to sit down for a meal or drink. We're just not going to do business and that's what I you know if found like someone that much for not going to do business together yeah that's so great yeah good ruled. It is important to you yeah well. I think that that's it thank you so much for being here today. Really Fun went so fast yeah talk all day. Actually I hope hope that you <hes> the audience heard a lot of great things today and if you WanNa hear more new WanNa hear from Nina you guys can log on. We're going to send it out as an email and links and online and social media so download it and ask questions and if you have questions for Nina's while we'll point you in her direction to to help you guys out. Thank you so much..

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