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On the Saturday morning after Black Friday two thousand fourteen homicide detective Jerry Sedillo followed a black infinity into the parking lot of the law. He watched as the passenger a woman dressed in dark disclose headed inside. She fit the description he'd be given a twenty five year. Old Carter Cervantes a former coworker of actually Harris. The male driver driver stayed in the car so deal called his partner. Earning fate asked him to check up on the guy and when I approached the car then the person identified themselves self as David Mallory. David Mallory was Carter's live in boyfriend you to was a former employee of American Eagle. I asked him what he doing here at the mall. He said he had dropped his girlfriend off to pick up some papers on Air Apostol where she was at manager so perhaps it was just APP APP. David giving Carter a ride to pick up some paperwork at her new job aeropostale so decided to go inside. The mall was open but the stores were still closed. And I happen to go up to pasta and there is a A manager that's actually in there. Working and I was able to confirm that Carter Cervantes do not work for hammocks. He hasn't even novitiate as well. So much of that story. Yes sir. Scipio turned his attention to finding. Carter's Avantis no luck. You didn't see her at all and lesser. Did anybody see her lesser so so deal had a disgruntled employee coming back to the mall where she'd been fired hired. Her boyfriend was telling lies about a job. She didn't have an a car. Looked bikers had been spotted at the scene of a murder to take pates still. I've had David Mallory out in the parking lot. And he's looking for a reason to hold him decided he had a driver's license but he didn't have his driver's lessons with him. Reason enough us. He arrested Mallory and brought them in for questioning. But Carter seem to have vanished wasn't anywhere in the mall but then police went to her apartment complex at their she was now where was she in the apartment complex. Well she initially was in the In the laundry room. 'cause you please. She agreed to answer questions without a lawyer down at the station. Eagle by Carter or Carol Patter Kamau. She'd switched her dark closed for bright. Pink scrubs Do Nothing for work. I had a job opportunity. American Eagle outfitters. Oh Yes Carter's American Eagle connection detectives to do already heard a thing or two about that. Carter had worked at the Fort Worth store for about four months and it was business. Like but unlike Ashley. She wasn't a very friendly assistant manager. She did however make an impression on some younger clerks. Like Weiser Sean Toll. Carter is very smart very deep. She was good at reading people and knowing how to converse with thank you tell that she was well. Educated just had a lot more to her than most sales retail managers. Do but detective. So you knew something else about Carter and David Mallory. Something very important. Remember that burglary at American Eagle three months earlier Carter and David Mallory were the primary suspects and Ashley. Harris was the one who discovered the money missing and when actually came into open opened the store she found the safe open actually knew it was Carter who closed the night before and when she showed her boss the security video view of the burglary. She he pointed out the Monitor and she said that's David Mallory. I said WHO's David Mallory and they said it's Carter's boyfriend amass was easy actually figured Carter Ryder set up the burglary and David carried it out. Carter got fired. David sort of disappeared and both heard that it was Ashley who identified mm-hmm They hadn't been charged not yet but the case was basically actively being investigated when this happened and now three months later. Here Chris Carter talking to the police who were growing suspicious that she and her boyfriend were connected to Ashley's murder. Why am I here? Well which do you started off easy and see so we raise Morello or from Lubbock. Your family's still there. Mom Dad Brothers Sisters Brothers by deputy sisters and they all have you seen your mom and dad and awhile now. I've talked to him every day on text message and snapchat but I haven't been home more friendly family questions. And where did you go to school. Hoekstra Phenom University so. Do asked about Thanksgiving small. Would you make and I made Turkey A and they're stuffing mashed potatoes and green bean casserole and this cabbage bacon salad that my mom really likes to make but I don't think David liked it very much. This wasn't really small. Talking detective was paying close attention. All right so let's start with this morning all right this morning. What time do you get up about? Seven thirty cutting. I'm in what happens in and then we talked and I went back to sleep when I woke up. He wasn't there okay. Eat hurt enough. I know that's a lie. You know it's not what I know. It's a lie why because I saw so you come out of your apartment and get in the passengers fuel. That car and I saw him drive out of there. That's why I know it's a lie. A deal was tough. Your Car Carter. Savant wasn't giving an inch coming up. If Carter's lies weren't reason enough for suspicion suspicion. This was she starts wiping down the bottle. She was afraid that we're going to attain her DNA. And what was this all about. And who was it for. There's an actual human grave that's been Doug Christie fresh grave when dateline continues. 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