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Each day and nearly 400,000 new cases today, experts saying they think those are undercounts vice president Kamila Harris. Defending the U. S is new travel ban on India, which goes into effect may 4th worry no question. People are worried India is experiencing an explosion of covert cases and deaths. The White House and Pentagon sending critical aid is the country's health care system reaches the brink of collapse. In the meantime, the White House says, it's fine. Following advice from the CDC to restrict most travel from the country. The World Health Organization says India accounted for more than a third of all globally, reported Cove in 19 cases last week. And remember ABC News Washington This masked will be required a little while longer on transportation systems. Airports, railroads bus is set to expire in May, the requirements lasting to September 13th. On one mode Rail, one of its biggest fans and a longtime Amtrak commuter, now president Biden celebrating and tracks 50th birthday, saying his infrastructure proposals include expansions and improvements, all homegrown American tax dollars are going to be used by American products to create American jobs. President Philadelphia for the Real party. At least five Americans were among the dead in that Israeli stampede at a religious event. The U. S Embassy is still working to name all of the Americans among the dozens killed and injured. One victim has been identified as Daniel Morris of Bergenfield, New Jersey, He was 19 years old. There's been an outpouring of grief from around the world after one of Israel's deadliest accidents. Panic spread among the crowd celebrating a popular religious festival, sparking a stampede out of a narrow exit president Biden said in a statement. The U. S will offer assistance sharing these quote, profound condolences. Counterfeit again. ABC NEWS Washington Listening to ABC News But this'd NewsRadio wait. 40. Wh Yes, Your news Now Today's Coben 19 reports show 723 new cases in Kentucky. Along with four duly reported death. The positivity rate is 3.22%. The governor's office says 1.7 billion Kentucky INS have received at least one dose of Kobe vaccine. Churchill Downs opened its gates to race fans on this Kentucky Oaks Day, a far cry from last year when there were no fans allowed because of covert 19. You know, there's just nothing like it to see a crowd and to be around people is Unbelievable. There is limited attendance.

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