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You know what this can only be one thing the yankees in red sox renewing hostilities today doubt nfl a and a key grapefruit league battle i'm not interested in the grapefruit league but the battle will be joined in april thank god we can get back afraid all is well the yankees are back to their usual spot as the hated yankees with john carr was stanton in the middle that lineup wherever you want wave we have you been as your your job that successful of what's gone i why would you got two grandsons of one of them playing hockey larry ordering air after this call i gotta go watch of way hockey how old is l e four well how that started in early flow heavy you don't you don't want elitist nowadays bobby eur started it three starkie's kids early that's the way it is i mean you know i'm not saying it i'm not making a comment so you can see you become us in rates now i wouldn't say that correct now tell tell me right now they're rating the red sox and yankees neckinneck but a lot of the experts and giving the red sox the edge because of their pitching staff tell me about the yankees pitching staff while the same pitching except sunny gray is going to be there from day one i hope he's better than it was last year is a good now he was not a he was not your last year no you didn't get any one run support idaho but now he's a good pitcher like also larry you know uh the the team really to beat i'm 101 are the red sox looked like a more about the astros that's the team yeah now they're going to be tough well mike you're still your arrogant selfish immediately dismissing the red sox and your first call since last letter well let me let me just get into that fermented whether red sox said larry kinda hinted at this a little bit whether red sox fans wanna look knowledge it or not the team leader of that team is david price and that's not good because these players look up to that guy so we're gonna do what do you do to shut him up larry out on that's a good.

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