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Ninety nine with a new tunnel. Under Seattle comes Ryan Harris has the update contractors are doing a couple of big concrete pours, including says state transportation department tunnel project manager, Dave sours paving for the southbound offramp to Royal Brome and for the south embankment, Tuesday, the Dearborn off ramp and that poor is our last major. In terms of roadway surfaces. Our says they're still looking at seven to ten days after the tunnel opens to finish the northbound Dearborn offramp. It was the usual Friday light for the day. Fourteen morning. Dr Jeff Sweitzer with King County. Metro transit says they had a couple of trains that blocked buses for an hour affected writers on route thirteen when twenty one twenty two and one twenty three and so we're moving towards rerouting some of those buses on a regular basis to avoid the kind of train related delays that we've been seeing otherwise Sweitzer says the buses have been able to get through traffic relatively smoothly. Ryan harris. Komo news. Just ahead of our AAA traffic. We're learning a little bit more about the bus fire that happened in Seattle on I five that's really done a number on our evening commute. Komo's Jeff Pohjola joins us. Well, this was a charter bus carrying the track team for Stanford University up to the university of Washington, we don't know what caused this fiery was on interstate five just south of downtown. It looks like things are under control. Now. Here's dave. Showers with the department of transportation. Fortunately, nobody was hurt. The the structure was not significantly damaged certainly somebody. You know, somebody had a bad day driving a bus, and again, we're still trying to learn the cause of this fire. It's under investigation. We do not know as of yet. But again, fortunately, no one was hurt. And it looks like things are under control. They're still a bit of traffic.

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