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A little heavier tonight got a letter on his jersey in the absence of Andrew shot Alex to brink. It well deserved honor to pick up another. Piece of, uh, equipment. I guess you want to call it gets the assistant Captain role in this game tonight. Along with Patrick Kane and Duncan Keith, Congratulations to the cat. And it's definitely something that a player has to earn. You don't get that because they just want to give away letters so good for Alex to break it. Here's Andrew Peek a newcomer to the Jackets lineup. Firing a shot from the right point this to flex in behind the Net. Cam Atkinson there to Michael del Zotto Left point to peek. Right point tow line. A near the high slot along wrist shot hit somebody in front. And David Camp will escape with a puck to center ice given to Lucas Carlsson over the jacket line to Philip Currie Shove over to Carson. He fires from the right circle kicked out of their my corpus sallow and Jack Ross Levitt will clear the puck down ice into the Hawk zone. And the Jackets and Hawks will hurt Lee Change line. Carlson and his 12 11 12 NHL Game total six this season, one careerist since looking for his first goal, that's a golden opportunity. Nicolas Bohdan in behind the Hawk net. Put the puck into the near corner didn't mean to, but it's taken back by the jackets at the right point, Seth Jones put it down in behind the hawk net for fully know we let it roll into the left wing corner. And then Riley Nash shadow for a moment lost it. Had it bumped off this stick the center ice for the Hawks. Dylan Strome. Meanwhile, Seth Jones will take the fucking clear down ice in behind the Hockney had pulled and will stared around up there far side. Eric Robinson for the Jackets from the left wing boards. Fires one in front of the hakken. Yet this Mrs tumbles up the near side Matichon mark, the Hawks put it to center ice Dylan Strome in over the jacket line and tried to return it over to the and mark on the left wing side, picked off by stronger by Jones. And you'll spend it ahead now to National Senate race. He'll clear the puck down in behind the Hak met Madison Valley back to get it. Dropping the puck just inside the hotline. Patrick Kane jockeys his way past Domi moves it ahead. Now to Keith. He's over the jacket line left point sends it down the boards into the left wing corner. David Savard in the Hawks, Alex to break it, Battle piece suitor in there as well, and the puck is pulled out by the blue Jackets. Kevin Stand one, lose it and Oliver Bjork's Strand then to Domi, and he'll spin it down into the Hawk zone. We're going to get a whistle. And I believe icing will be called here against Columbus. Jeremy Colton's got some new look line combinations out there. Suitor is in the middle with Patrick Kane. Sure, that's Karraker ship in the middle with Patrick.

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