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Fake story. You will be the winner today are book. No go zones. How should we laws coming to a neighborhood near you by Rahim Qassam? We had a guest years ago and architecture today John in middle river, John good morning. Hey, good morning. I would you like to go first or last? I I'm jumping in with both feet. There is why is wide open. John what kind of odd? You wanna give me? Let's see what happens. Story. One a leading academic and cleric from the World Cup host country. Cutter has filmed a shocking guide on how Muslim men should beat their wives. The new video features obeyed al-aziz Alex's Rosh demonstrates how to punish a woman in accordance with law. Kristen. Mother's milk. Not just for babies any more global chemical giants. Dow DuPont BASF investing millions to ramp up production of the indigestible sugar found in natural breast milk. It's called human milk. All ago Saka ride HMO third most common solid and breast milk. The heck is that they're saying that not only just good for babies, but now adults could be drinking human breast milk. Did you make that word up? No. Story three US Africa. Command said on Monday that carried out an airstrike against the Islamic state affiliate ISIS in Somalia, killing ISIS is number two senior official of dual Hakim do. Cub. They second in command of ISIS Amalia, according to the Pentagon has been neutralized President Trump tweeted out, quote, some commander in chief did something and of quote. Story.

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