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Got nine hundred dollars. Nine hundred ninety nine dollars. Mac bogere but it's got a stupid ipad chip in it and flip side. No one gets the ipad pro and says oh it's got the stupid mac ship in it. Everybody likes it. They make good silicon by their products. You know the chatroom pointed out a little. While ago and i did not notice during the presentation the volume buttons are now the top the same plane as the touch. Id button. oh you're right. I did not notice that. I think it's because the pencil takes up the entire side of the darn thing. See at the two little start. Yeah i think you're right. It's it's got to be the pencil. I did not notice that. I think that's reasonable for the many like especially if you're using it in landscape mode la that's the whole mystery of the ipad and i think the the ones that i was gonna say the ones that face idea but this one doesn't have face eddie but it looks like it might doesn't the ones that don't have home button on the front of it. There's less of a sort of hardware opinion about what is the correct orientation ignoring the logo on the back which is going to be covered by case whatever anyway so in that scenario having like he's oh there on the top but really they're on the side if you constantly using it landscape. It's very confusing. I think it's fine. I think it's a perfectly reasonable compromise for the pencil because the pencil is great. And you definitely want the one that sticks. This is so much better than that stupid. Lightning harpoon or harpoon was generous. No that was more like the you know the the they're really excited pencil unicorn. Horn narwhal much better. I one thing. I thought was really funny. Though about the many is that you know they they have the you know the face. Idei ipad generation design here. You you mentioned with half face. Id but you know. The the rounded screen corners the edge to edge screen and quotes but the margins like the vessels are on the screen seemed to about the same thickness as on on all the large ipads so when these trickled down to the small screen size it looks proportionate like a much thicker basil and i love they. They kept saying this beautiful edge to edge screen. And you look at this thing and so not edge to edge like it. And i think it looks good but i wouldn't have used that terminology over and over again while showing it onscreen and it's clearly i think we're gonna look at this in ten years and we're gonna laugh how thick this puzzle is. I mean maybe. But like i kind of feel like that. The basil serves a purpose on an ipad is a place for your fingers to go in you grip it and even though even though like i don't know if apple agrees with that because they just feel like we don't care bringing the screen the edge as soon as we can because that's an apple thing to do but if you if you believe in the idea having some amount of place to grip that part should scale with the size of our fingers now with the size of the screen so keeping it the same size now they probably have just again because economies of scale and similarities parts of manufacturing and so and so far the maybe we'll bring to the edge but we said the same thing when they brought in remember from like the original ipad that had like an inch and a half around all sides to grab it that was arguably much better for gripping but it was a lot of wasted space and when they went to this design it was like. Oh there's so much less room to grip and we have to add you know machine learning finger rejections so you remember that whole thing when they went to the you know so. It knows that your thumb. That's not trying to press the button on. This is that you're just grabbing like it causes problems but i think going all the way edge to edge will not necessarily make a better ipad if anything it would just make people start buying cases and they'll grab by the case part. I guess that's the The you know the path of neko core. But i'm i'm kind of i kind of liked the idea. Especially if this is going to be an ipad that a kid might use it that you still have some sort of non screensaver area on the edges to grab the thing now. This looks really good. I'm it's one of those things where i'm glad this exists. Even though it isn't for me. And i feel kind of about the The iphone many which we'll get to in a second. But i'm glad that there is more than just big in huge for ipads. I'm glad that there's something small. And and i have a couple of friends that One is a professional pilot and a couple that are going to get their private pilot's license and they're losing their minds over having a small ipad. That's modern because i guess you know in the in the context of cockpit that it's really really convenient to have an ipad for various different things but nevertheless to have one. That's huge real pain. So they're really super duper excited about this and i'm excited to speaking of the iphone many. I do wonder if apple is will eventually start going towards the idea of an ipad mini pro right because the iphone mini is not the iphone. Many pro it is not a miniature version of the pri- heads. It's a miniature version of the non-pro pro-life owns major version of the non-pro iphones right. And so i was thinking that for someone using it in a cockpit. One of the attributes of the pro ipads as they have the super-duper very bright mini led screen. It's like more than twice as bright as this thing. And if you're gonna use it in a sunny chocolate of an airplane you'd probably want a screen brighter than this one. But you can't get it because they don't sell a pro mini with that type of thing. presumably apple knows what the market for. This looks like but yeah. This has got an eight fifteen but if hundred screen but the good pencil but you know not promotional you know it's kind of it's a very. It's a little bit better than the ipad air But they're they're close now. They've got the same design the top end ship. You could add another hundred bucks or so to this and come up with an ipad. Mini perot That would actually be pretty cool. But probably the same reason they don't make an iphone. Many pro does just not enough demand for it. But i think that that tension continues to exist in apples line where they will diversify in both size and features but there is always a little pocket and say you know what we're not making a pro in non-pro variant of what usually ends up being the small just because we think we're diversified enough. You really want the small size. You're going to deal with compromise. Otherwise.

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